The Surprising Offer Angela Deem Got From Another 90 Day Fiance Star

Fans first met 90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem in Season 7 of the show, with cameras following the Georgia resident's journey to marry Michael Ilesanmi, a younger man living in Nigeria. Angela grabbed attention for her outlandish personality, love of President Donald Trump, and her clashes with Michael. Although some viewers doubted the two would last due to immigration restrictions and their growing disagreements, they wound up tying the knot in Season 5 of 90 Day FianceHappily Ever After, with the ceremony taking place in Nigeria. 

Of course, it hasn't been all smooth sailing for Micahel and Angela since the wedding. Not only is Michael still living in Africa, but the two are dealing with a complicated situation — conceiving their first child together. Angela, who has two children from a previous relationship and celebrated her 55th birthday in September 2020, found out before the wedding that she doesn't have any viable eggs left. So she asked her daughter, Skyla, to provide her with an egg to be fertilized with Michael's sperm (Angela would carry the baby). Yep, that happened. But that wasn't all — Angela also learned that she doesn't have any viable eggs left to use. 

Although it might seem like Angela and Michael's journey to parenthood is over, the Georgia native received a surprising offer in October 2020 during the Season 5 reunion special of 90 Day Fiance — here's what happened.

Angela Deem got support from cast member Tania

During the Zoom 90 Day FianceHappily Ever After Zoom reunion in October 2020, Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi discussed their difficulty with conceiving a child. The conversation reached a fever pitch when Michael's aunt, Lydia, expressed frustration that Skyla had declined to provide Angela with an egg. And for those wondering why Lydia is so invested in the couple's business, this has been her modus operandi from the beginning, and she even told Michael to consider taking a second wife if Angela couldn't conceive. "Michael knows as a Nigerian, once you got married, the next thing people will be looking for is your baby," she said during a 2020 episode of the series, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet

After Lydia failed to convince Skyla on giving away an egg ("I just can't because that's like my child," she said, per Monsters & Critics), fellow cast member Tania Maduro jumped in with the very kind idea of providing one of her eggs. However, Angela shut down the idea, as she wants the baby to share her genetics.

What's interesting about Tania's offer? She wants to have kids sooner than later with her husband, Syngin Colchester, and this desire has caused friction in their relationship. "I don't see myself having a child," Syngin said to Tania's surprise, per TV Insider's recap of the reunion. Gulp. As of this writing, it remains to be seen whether Tania and Angela's plans for the future come true.