Where Does Will Ferrell Live And How Big Is His House?

Will Ferrell is one of Saturday Night Live's most successful and acclaimed alumni — and that's really saying something. Rolling Stone ranked him the twelfth greatest cast member of the show's 45-year history, while Paste Magazine clocked him at number two.

After SNL, Ferrell more or less skipped the sitcom stage typical of the show's alums and went straight into the world of movies, anchoring now-iconic 2000s comedies like Step Brothers and AnchormanHe was also the only person who could have possibly filled Steve Carell's absence on The Office in 2011.

Given Ferrell's diverse and extensive success, it should come as no surprise that he does not just have one residence, but two. Like many in show business, Ferrell is bi-coastal, maintaining homes in both New York and California. His homes have been featured in magazines like Architectural Digest, and one even belonged to Ellen DeGeneres before Ferrell moved in with his wife and three children.

Will Ferrell has pretty impressive homes on both coasts

Of the two homes Will Ferrell currently owns, the first one he bought is his $9.9 million home in Los Angeles, California. According to Variety, the home was bought from Ellen DeGeneres in 2007, and is nearly 4,800 square feet. The four-bedroom house sits on roughly two-and-a-quarter acres of land off Woodstock Road. The house also boasts four-and-a-half bathrooms, as well as a pool house behind its gates.

Back on the east coast, Ferrell owns a loft in lower Manhattan. The New York City apartment was converted from a Victorian-era printing factory, and boasts 2,800 square feet. Per Architectural Digest, the comedian and actor bought the home in 2010 and brought in an interior designer for a major makeover. The loft is very Manhattan, featuring exposed brick and ceiling beams to complement a black-and-white design scheme. This apartment features three bedrooms, as well as an open-concept kitchen/dining room/living room.

Ferrell has joined the five-timers club of Saturday Night Live hosts since his departure from the show in 2002, and it's no surprise he enjoys spending time in New York with this apartment to call home.