Bennett Jordan's Scarf Had The Bachelorette Fans Talking

Viewers "met" 30 guys during Clare Crawley's first episode of The Bachelorette. With so many people, it's hard to keep track of who's who, but some people stood out from the pack. Obviously, Dale Moss is a favorite already. However, some people stood out in a negative way. Bennett Jordan, for instance, didn't earn any points with fans of the franchise. The wealth management consultant hails from New York City and, just in case you forgot, he's also a Harvard graduate, which he mentioned a few times during the premiere episode. Bennett even used the phrase "H-bomb" in reference to Harvard. Cringe alert.

Nevertheless, Bennett made quite the impression on Clare, the other guys, and the viewers when he ditched the standard limo entrance in favor of pulling up in a Rolls Royce. He had a martini in hand and a scarf wrapped around his neck, which looked dapper, but let's not forget that this season started filming in July 2020 at a resort in Palm Springs, Calif. This means it was hot outside, which was ultimately apparent during the first rose ceremony. Sure, some of the men might have been sweating because their nerves were in overdrive, but it was far from scarf weather. And this was something the fans just couldn't get over.

Bennett Jordan's white scarf was a red flag for Bachelorette viewers

Bennett Jordan hyped up his own Bachelorette entrance on Instagram, writing, "If you're going to make a Hollywood debut during a global pandemic, you better nail the entrance. Take note." While Bennett was confident about his debut, the Bachelorette fandom wasn't feeling the scarf. One viewer tweeted, "Bennett? Wearing a scarf when the temperature is over 100 degrees? DON'T TRUST."

Another fan wrote, "ok bad vibes from bennett's intro are NOT BEING HELPED WITH THE SCARF AND DRIVING SHOES." But, of course, some fans couldn't ignore the Rolls Royce that, coincidentally, matched Bennett's scarf. Someone tweeted, "Of course this mf pulls up in a rolls Royce and a scarf." A different viewer posted, "#Bennett with the scarf in 115° Palm Springs summer weather.. Good call, man" along with an eye roll emoji. One Bachelorette viewer felt that "Bennett's scarf screams 'I'm in a higher tax bracket than you.'" 

Bennett stood out from Clare's other suitors thanks to that scarf, but he's not the first guy who's rocked a scarf on television, with people tweeting comparisons to Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass and Andy Bernard from The Office. However, those fictional men are TV icons, so does that mean Bennett will become a Bachelor fan favorite? Or is the white scarf just a red flag?