Why Fans Are Hating On Clare Crawley's Debut As The Bachelorette

Clare Crawley's first night of being the lead on The Bachelorette was probably the most talked-about in the Bachelor franchise. Not only did her season take place during the pandemic, meaning everyone was getting COVD tests and production didn't happen at the iconic, ultra-romantic Bachelor mansion, but also she's the very first Bachelorette where spoilers have leaked that she's already given out her final rose way before the season was supposed to end.

*You should probably stop reading now, if you want to avoid spoilers.* Rumor has it that Dale Moss is the lucky guy to steal Clare's heart. To top it all off, at 39 years old, she's also the oldest Bachelorette in the franchise's almost 20-year long history. So, of course, all of this led to a lot of Bachelor Nation fans taking to Twitter during the premiere to voice their thoughts on Clare. And, yikes, it seems like there's a lot of shade being thrown!

From her flashy night-one gown choice to her age, fans were basically trolling the lead. So, why is she causing so much hate on Twitter? Keep reading to find out the tea behind these fans' tweets. 

'Bachelor' Nation was quick to judge Clare Crawley

Clare Crawley definitely got some heat from Bachelor Nation after her premiere aired on Oct. 13, 2020. Tweets about the hair stylist-turned-reality star took over social media as viewers tuned in to watch the highly anticipated season. So, why were fans quick to judge Clare? Turns out that along with the show's hyped-up season's drama, many viewers weren't too happy with how she acted before filming took place. 

TV Show Ace reported in April 2020, "frustration came after she slammed Matt James for doing [C]ameos." Matt, who will soon be the first Black lead for The Bachelor, was originally cast to be on Clare's season. However, the two had some "pre-show beef" with them disagreeing "over social media activity" prior to Clare's season being filmed. Fans didn't like Clare's tweets calling out Matt for being "in it for the wrong reasons" and demanding respect. This tension caused some fans to be over Clare before her season even started.

And based off fans' tweets from the premiere, it seems like many are still unhappy with the casting. Twitter's newsfeed was filled with Bachelor tweets commenting on not just Clare's middle school purse-inspired opening night gownbut also bringing up her age and her being overly giddy around Dale Moss

Will this hate happen every night of Clare's season? Or will Bachelor Nation calm down throughout the episodes? We'll just have to tune in (and follow Twitter) to find out.