90 Day Fiance's Melyza Reveals The Secret She's Been Keeping From Tim

During an October 2020 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, shocking news surfaced regarding the tumultuous relationship between Melyza Zeta and Tim Clarkson. Fans of the show will remember that Tim cheated on Melyza right before her six-month visit to the United States from her native Colombia.

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Tim got candid about the infidelity and blamed it on their long-distance relationship. "Last year, the distance between me and Melyza at that time was very difficult," Tim shared, per the outlet. "I felt lonely, and the girl that I ultimately cheated with was a co-worker. It just started off as casual conversation, and it got to a point to where we did have a full-out, intimate, sexual encounter."

Naturally, this was difficult news for Melyza to deal with and her visit to the U.S. was fraught with conflict between the two. To create peace, Tim moved permanently to Colombia to be with Melyza, and it was here that viewers learned some shocking news — here's what went down.

Melyza wants to be honest with Tim

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way revealed some surprising info about Melyza Zeta and Tim Clarkson's relationship. Melyza had lunch with her friend, David, and her brother, Miguel, during which she admitted that after Tim cheated on her, she had a sexual encounter of her own. In a confessional, Melyza said, "I saw somebody for a little bit while I was broken up with Tim. One of my friends introduced me to him. I was not looking for anything really, it just happened. It was mostly sexual."

Melyza noted that at the time of her romance, she and Tim were broken up. Melyza also stressed that, although she has the right to make her own decisions, she wants to be honest with Tim to heal and move on in their relationship. Fans are conflicted about the situation, as one person tweeted, "So Melyza let Tim leave to come live there with her without saying 'hey I also slept with someone when we were in a break' like Tim is s**t for cheating on her but she shouldn't have let him go there without that info."

It's a complicated situation, and we'll have to wait to find out how Tim reacts to the news. Stay tuned!