The Surprising Thing In Hilary Duff's Beverly Hills Home

Hilary Duff: actress, singer, author, businesswoman, mom, and interior design enthusiast. You might be surprised by the last label, but Duff has proven she is a woman of many talents. Architectural Digest caught up with the Younger star at her Beverly Hills abode, where the publication got a grand tour of her vibrant home. Filled with sweet family photos (she admitted she never thought she would be one to display so many photos, but blamed it on having kids), fun decorations, and hand-picked furniture that she adores, one can tell the home was designed with care.

In fact, the actress cares so much about interior design that she has redesigned twice in the near decade she has lived in the home, not including the major overhaul when she first purchased the 5,260-square-foot Georgian-style house. "I have a small addiction," she joked in the accompanying video for the AD piece.

The "chaotic" home, as she describes it, is occupied by Duff, her husband Matthew Koma, their daughter Banks Violet Blair, and Duff's son Luca Cruz Comrie, whom she shares with ex Mike Comrie. The house comes with everything one would assume a Beverly Hills mansion would have: a pool, a walk-in closet, and a hefty price tag (she bought it for nearly $4 million in 2010, according to Zillow). However, there is something on her property one might not expect in the middle of Beverly Hills.

Hilary Duff's Beverly Hills home has a chicken coop

Hilary Duff didn't explain how the chicken coop in her backyard got started, but it is possible that it is an ode to her country roots (she is from Houston, Texas). The mom of two currently has six chickens and several hatchlings, and says it has been a "fun project" for her. She let Architectural Digest get a closer look at one chicken, named Patsy, as she held it in her arms. Duff called Patsy one of her "sweetest little chickens," and excitedly shared that the chickens are "just starting to get used to [her]." Also in Duff's back yard is an in-ground trampoline, which was a necessity for the fit mom because she grew up participating in gymnastics. She gushed that her son, Luca Cruz Comrie, spends "all day" on the trampoline, who then showed the camera his front flip.

Duff's welcoming backyard is completed with an in-ground pool (with a water slide) and luxurious patio. However, it isn't the only intriguing part of her house. Let's see what surprising things lay behind the Happy Little Camper founder's pink front door. 

Hilary Duff has furnished her Beverly Hills home with care

The inside of the Duff-Koma residence is also full of unique finds, like the 50s credenza that Duff bought when she was "18 or 19" and has not parted with since. She also showed off her Samsung "The Frame" TV which is made to look like a painting when not in use. Her son Luca Cruz Comrie's room has a full-sized spiral slide, which she says gets a lot of use. Luca relocated to his current room so baby Banks could take over his former space. "He was pretty upset about it. I'm like, 'Your room's gonna be so sick.' ... I think I succeeded," she bragged

The former Disney star says one of her favorite parts of the home are the "crazy tiles" in the kitchen, which make a black and white diamond pattern on her wall and serve as a focal point in the space. "This was one of the first things that I found that I felt like, 'Oh my God I have to have those," she smiled.

While the chicken and dog mom has had some help along the way, the designers she worked with from Studio LIFE/STYLE confirmed her sharp eye for design. "She was in for taking risks and was able to provide her own unique and creative ideas," the studio, who helped with most, if not all, of the interior of the bold home, told Decorist

'Chaos' reigns in Hilary Duff's Beverly Hills home

Hilary Duff painted her house to be a crazy mess that is full of heart. She seems to handle each detail about the home with such care, which makes sense because the home represents so much for her.

It's the house she bought with ex-husband Mike Comrie to get a bit more privacy as they were expecting their son, Luca Cruz Comrie. "A lot of people move to the Hills for the view," the "Sparks" singer explained to Architectural Digest. "But I liked that this home felt really nested. I actually have hedges in my backyard, and then right behind that, it's just this big mountain. I feel like I'm getting this nice, warm hug."

The purchase also marked the first time she was living far from her mother. Previously, they lived only houses apart in Toluca Lake, where Duff recalled constant battles with the paparazzi, which she described as "a nightmare." 

Lastly, the energetic home is where she started a new family, marrying Matthew Koma in 2019 after having their daughter Banks Violet Blair the year prior. Overall, it seems the house has suited the young family perfectly. "We live in this house and we're hard on this house and I think that's what makes it feel like such a home," Duff bubbled. "It's chaos which is just the way we like it."