Why Kaley Cuoco Isn't A Fan Of Kelly Ripa

They say opposites attract, which means that like forces can repel. Kaley Cuoco and Kelly Ripa might just be the sunniest two people on television. One has greeted New York City and the country at large every morning for nearly two decades with Live! – first with Regis Philbin, then with the likes of Michael Strahan and Ryan Seacrest. For her part, Cuoco came into living rooms night after night on The Big Bang Theory as the charming Penny.

Despite the similar demeanors these two personalities might possess, that doesn't mean they have always been particularly compatible. Though Cuoco has said nice things about Ripa, the actresses have publicly sparred in the past. It all started back in 2012, when Ripa shared a controversial, but unfortunately common, opinion on Live! With Kelly and Michael. Cuoco did not waste a minute, and shot back to let the talk show host know exactly what she thought about her comments. Here's why Cuoco wasn't a fan.

Kelly Ripa said pit bulls are for gangsters

On an episode of Live! With Kelly and Michael in 2012, guest star Christopher Walken joined the show to promote his movie Seven Psychopaths. Walken shared that his character kidnaps dogs, including one belonging to a gangster, prompting Kelly Ripa to ask, via CBS Los Angeles, "But the gangster's dog is uh, I mean if it's a gangster, it would have to be a dangerous, uh, pit bull kind of dog, right?"

Plenty of people took issue with Ripa's comment, including The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco, who is heavily involved in animal rescue organizations. Cuoco took to Twitter, asking via Perez Hilton, "Did Kelly Ripa really say 'all pits are dangerous' on her show this am?"

To her credit, Cuoco was quick to bury the hatchet, tweeting again the following day, "Ok I'm NOT in a war w @kellyripa.We are friends for years and I adore her! just have a severe luv 4 my global pitbull fam and owners!" Cuoco even appeared on Ripa's show a week later, and you wouldn't have even known there was ever any bad blood between them. It seems like we can chalk this one up as just a case of a protective dog mom and a foot-in-mouth talk show moment.