What Happened To Alyssa Edwards After RuPaul's Drag Race?

Alyssa Edwards was one of the standout stars of RuPaul's Drag Race. From her comical catchphrases to her signature tongue smack, Edwards grew to be a fan-favorite within the franchise's history. But what happened to Edwards after achieving Drag Race fame? The Mesquite, Tex. native made her introduction during season 5, but only made it to the top six before being sent home. It was Edwards' longstanding feud with fellow contestant CoCo Montrese that placed her at the center of the drama in her season. She continued to make appearances on Drag Race that led up to her casting in season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars in 2016. Known to throw some major shade when she isn't admiring her facial expressions in the mirror, Edwards once again struck up beef with some of the other contestants. Although she finally made it to the top five, the catfights ultimately played a part in her being sent home.

Despite never winning any iteration of Drag Race, Edwards made her mark and created a persona that many gravitated toward, including RuPaul. While on the show, she built up her personal brand, which she sought to profit from after the cameras stopped rolling. By 2018, RuPaul created a Netflix docuseries around Edwards called Dancing Queens, per ScreenRant. The series followed Edwards and the dance studio she owns, Beyond Belief Dance Company. She opened the studio in her hometown following her appearance on Drag Race. But what else has this unforgettable contestant been up to?

Alyssa Edwards has been busy spilling her secrets

Alyssa Edwards appeared alongside RuPaul once again as the special guest on the Drag Race host's podcast series with the show's judge Michelle Visage, What's The Tee? Edwards has since launched her own web series, Alyssa's Secret, where fans can learn what she's been up to recently. On the show, Edwards shares her take on a number of topics while dishing it up with other Drag Race alums. In 2019, Edwards also teamed up with Anastasia Beverly Hills to release her own makeup palette. The cosmetic company has been one of the biggest sponsors since Drag Race's inception.  

Edwards has since returned to the Drag Race stage during All Stars season 5, when she appeared as a "lip-sync assassin" for the show's infamous lip sync battle. Edwards lost the battle to the season's winner Shea Coulee, but brought smiles to the faces of fans who were excited to see her perform. Her love for Texas landed her a feature in the August 2020 issue of Texas Monthly. In an Instagram post, Edwards revealed that the outlet followed her journey for two years before publishing the story. According to the magazine, "Drag has entered a golden age, and Alyssa Edwards is at the heart of it." But fans already knew that because Edwards always has and always will put her whole heart into everything she does — and that's why she'll always be one of our faves!