Mary Trump Predicts How Trump Will React If He Loses The Election

Mary Trump has been one of President Donald Trump's most fervent critics. As his niece, Mary has known the president longer and more intimately than almost anyone, writing an entire book about their family and how it produced a man like Donald. In Too Much and Never Enough, her book on the subject, Mary Trump uses her expertise as a psychologist to analyze the families' behavior and how it shaped the president.

Mary hasn't shied away from commenting on Donald's behavior in other mediums, either. During the vice presidential debate, Mary spent the night seething on Twitter, at one point writing, "Lies, racism, misogyny, ignorance, and total contempt for the American people," claiming that was all Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence had. Mary Trump also threw some Twitter shade at the president when he was diagnosed with coronavirus at the beginning of October 2020, tweeting, "I reserve my sympathy, empathy, and despair for those who are sick and for those who have died because they were misled, lied to, or ignored."

Now with the election rapidly approaching and Donald's campaign against former Vice President Joe Biden reaching a climax, Mary Trump issued a new statement, this time warning what might happen if Donald loses.

Mary Trump says Donald could be in for a 'rough ride'

When asked by CNN's Don Lemon about how President Donald Trump might react should he lose to Vice President Joe Biden, Mary Trump was blunt: "He's not going to take it well." Mary went on to explain that in the Trump family, losing is seen as unacceptable in any field, whether business, politics, or relationships. "In order to win, Donald was trained to do everything it took," Mary explained, "whether it was lying, cheating, or stealing."

Mary's comments are especially resonant after many have raised doubts over the Trump campaign's willingness to accept defeat, especially following Vice President Mike Pence's deflection of the question at the vice presidential debate. "On the one hand, we're in for a rough ride. On the other hand, he's in for a rough ride if, indeed, Vice President Biden wins." Mary, along with other journalists and commentators, have noted that the pressure on Donald seems to be mounting, and have noted that he seems increasingly concerned about not winning, especially as Joe Biden leads in the polls.

There's no one left to bail Donald Trump out

At two different campaign events in the week before Mary Trump appeared on CNN, Donald Trump said it would be "disgusting" if he lost the election to Joe Biden. "I'm running against the single worst candidate in the history of presidential politics," Donald announced at a campaign rally in October. "It puts more pressure on me," he said, adding, "Can you imagine if you lose to a guy like this?"

Commenting on this clip, Mary said, "He's setting himself up to look really bad" if he loses. Mary also said he has found himself in a type of situation he's never been in before, as it's the first time there is no one to bail him out should he lose the election. "He is in a completely different universe right now," Mary claimed, stating that she believes the pressure he's feeling is not just because he could potentially lose the election, but because "Nobody's left, really, to help him out of the jams he keeps getting himself into." However, despite his potentially growing fears about losing the election, Mary Trump warned that the fight was far from over.

Donald Trump will 'do anything' to win the election, according to his niece

The night after her interview with Don Lemon, Mary Trump warned CNN's Chris Cuomo that President Donald Trump could potentially try any strategy if he feels it could help him win the election. The two were discussing Donald's rallies, which he has been holding following his coronavirus diagnosis despite warnings from health experts. "He'll do anything if he feels that it will help him out in the election," Mary claimed. She suspected that he would "continue putting people at risk, continue to downplay the virus, continue — in person — to get people infected" if he thought it helped his odds of winning.

Mary also said that Donald's view of illness, like his view of winning, comes from his father, Fred Trump, who raised him to see illness as a "display of unforgivable weakness." Mary told NPR that we're in a "horrible" place "because he cannot admit to the weakness of being ill or of other people being ill."

Mary offered Chris Cuomo a warning, saying, "My advice would be for people to stay away from him whenever possible," adding, "Don't listen to him. Listen to your doctors." Mary summed it up with, "It's going to get really, really bad if things continue to trend as badly for him as they are right now." Truly no one knows what is going to happen in these last few weeks before the election; however, it's safe to say they will not be boring.