The Sad Truth About Matthew McConaughey's Childhood

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Matthew McConaughey might seem like a pretty easygoing celeb. In an industry full of difficult people, McConaughey has a reputation for being super down-to-earth. When he's not playing the heartthrob, you can find him surfing, camping, or just being an all-around chill dude.

That happy-go-lucky image was shattered, though, in October 2020, when the Academy Award winner released his much-anticipated memoir, Greenlights. The book didn't shy away from the not so camera-ready parts of his life. Included in Greenlights is the story of how McConaughey met and married his wife, Camila Alves.

According to Us Weekly, McConaughey had just about given up on love when he met Alves. "In my mid-30s, I was looking for a lifetime lover, a best friend, and a mother to be," he wrote, but he kept striking out. "So, I quit looking for her," he said, "Then, she came." The pair have been inseparable ever since.

Greenlights has some less happy moments, though, like McConaughey's retelling of his complicated relationship with religion and surviving sexual assault as a teen, as the magazine reported. Heaviest amongst the revelations though are those about McConaughey's childhood. Read on to find out how McConaughey's tragic youth affected the rest of his life.

Matthew McConaughey had a strained relationship with his parents

Matthew McConaughey's childhood was rough from the start. "I am the youngest brother of three and the son of parents who were twice divorced and thrice married, to each other," he explained in Greenlights, as reported by Us Weekly. McConaughey's parents had a notoriously toxic relationship. In the memoir, McConaughey recalls an early memory of his mother pulling a knife on his father — as well as his father breaking his mother's fingers, according to the magazine.

"My dad wasn't there the day I was born," the actor added, per the outlet, noting that his father doubted he was his biological son, so he went to the bar instead of the hospital. "He called my mom and said, 'Only thing I have to say is if it's a boy, don't name him Kelly.'"

McConaughey's upbringing was also painfully strict and even abusive. According to Us Weekly, he stated that his parents would punish him by washing his mouth out with soap and that his father once hit him in the face for stealing a slice of pizza. The physical altercation with his father haunted him for years, but not for the reasons you might think. McConaughey saw the fight with his dad as an opportunity to become a man as perceived by his dad, but he was understandably terrified. He didn't return the punch and didn't gain any respect. McConaughey claimed that years later, he finally earned his father's approval by beating up a bouncer. "It was the night I became his boy, a man in his eyes," McConaughey said, as the magazine quoted.

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