Who Is Lisa Barlow From Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City?

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is the newest addition to the reigning Real Housewives empire. A new set of high-society divas from Utah will stake their claim within the hit Bravo franchise when it premieres on Nov. 11, 2020. The housewives included in the premiere cast includes Lisa Barlow, Mary Cosby, Heather Gay, Meredith Marks, Whitney Rose, and Jen ShahPeople reported in September 2020. The official trailer for the new series teases the luxury lifestyles of the six ladies and their dramatic social encounters. 

Living in a city known for its devout Mormonism, the trailer touches on the housewives' different religious practices despite their proximity to the global headquarters for Mormons. Heather proudly self-titles herself a "pioneer Mormon," Meredith shares that she's Jewish and a Chicago native, Mary announces her Pentecostal faith, Lisa reveals she is "Jewish by heritage and Mormon by choice. As for Whitney and Jen, they both share their exit from the Mormon church. "It is a big deal that I'm no longer Mormon," Whitney explains right before Jen declares her conversion to Islam. There is a lot to dissect here, no?

Although all of the ladies bring something to the table, let's take a moment to review what Lisa specifically has to offer.

Lisa Barlow is a successful entrepreneur

Now, with new the Real Housewives franchise gracing the snowy slopes of Utah, fans want to know more about the new Bravolebrities. One standout among the ladies is Lisa Barlow, whose seemingly outspoken personality got highlighted in the Season 1 trailer when she quipped about "bringing the decadence" while accusing the other housewives of "bringing the depression."  

According to her bio on Bravo TV, Lisa is a native New Yorker who has been living in Utah for over 20 years. As the CEO of her marketing company, LUXE, the self-made entrepreneur reportedly owns various businesses, including the VIDA tequila brand. Considering her admission of being "Mormom by choice," the network says she sees herself as a "Mormom 2.0" due to her refusal to conform to the religion's conservative practices. 

Outside of business, Lisa has a long history with some of her fellow housewives, as she attended Bringham Young University with Heather and has been best friends with Meredith for several years. Living with her husband John and two children, Lisa's success in business makes it seem like she has it all. But the network hints at how her quest for perfection leads to tension within her friendships. Sounds like a housewife who's ready to give viewers a show!