Moments In Harry Styles' Golden Video That Have Fans Talking

The verdict is in: Fans of Harry Styles can't get enough of his new "Golden" music video, which debuted on Oct. 26, 2020. The video, which features the English singer frolicking along Italy's Amalfi Coast, was shared almost one year after Harry dropped his second solo album, Fine Line.

Although the star's "Golden" video might have been a long wait, the sultry clip did not disappoint. "This video is so incredible, I love it so much[!] Thanks for your [magnific] job, one Twitter user tweeted following the video's release. "This is a golden by Harry Styles music video stan account until further notice," another user echoed.

The former One Direction member looks delectable in almost every scene — if we do say so ourselves — there is one sequence that has fans quite obsessed. Viewers were awe-struck when Harry gave major Baywatch vibes as he ran down the beach in a linen shirt showing off his toned chest during the song's chorus. "Just want to watch Harry Styles running in that white shirt for the rest of my life," one Harry fan tweeted, while another added, "How does harry styles make anything and everything look good? like he made RUNNING look graceful."

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Harry Styles got fans swooning

If Harry Styles' playful yet sexy Amalfi Coast run wasn't enough, his fans were swooning when he sang to a fan waving to him from a car. "WHERE DO I SIGN UP TO SIT IN A CAR IN HARRY STYLES' MV AND WAVE #Golden," one social media user wrote on a clip from the scene, which showed the star casually hanging out on top of the vehicle's hood while rocking a mint green blazer. "What I would give to be the girls in their car as Harry styles casually walks up and lays on their car," another fan said.

Additionally, Styles' supporters got a kick out of the little jig he gave the camera as he strolled along the streets of Italy. With a twirl and some waving arms, fans got butterflies from his happy-go-lucky demeanor. "THIS LITTLE DANCE OMG IM DEAAAD," someone else wrote on social media along with the clip of his cute moves. And although Styles was undeniably adorable throughout the video, one fan pointed out the possible deep meaning as he splashed around in the Italian waters. "WAIT SO HE FINALLY BROKE OUT OF HIS SHELL AND HE IS TRYING TO GET US OUT OF THE WATER SO WE CAN BE OURSELVES TOO IM #Golden #HarryStyles," they shared.

Regardless of what Styles and his music mean to you, this music video is definitely one to watch.