This Is What The Little Boy Who Played Tommy In Halloween Looks Like Today

Young Tommy Doyle made his TV debut in 1978's Halloween as the boy Laurie Strode was babysitting while she became the victim of a psychopathic killer famously known as Michael Myers. Little Tommy has been a staple to the franchise ever since, coming back in reimagined roles throughout the multiple remakes of this classic horror film.

In 2019, it was announced that veteran actor Anthony Michael Hall would take on the role of Tommy in 2021's Halloween Kills, the second installment of the trilogy that started with 2018's Halloween remake. The first installment brought back original cast members to once again carve their mark on the franchise: Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie Strode), Charles Cyphers (Sheriff Leigh Brackett), and Nick Castle (Michael Myers). Oddly, the original Tommy Doyle, who was played by an 11-year-old Brian Andrews, has not made his way back to the screen to reprise a role in the Halloween franchise. A lot has changed since Andrews days as a horror movie child star

This is what the little boy who played Tommy in Halloween looks like today.

Tommy from Halloween looks a lot different today

It's no surprise that Brian Andrews is unrecognizable 40 years after his debut as little Tommy Doyle in 1978's Halloween. Following the iconic film, Andrews added some small film and TV roles to his resume, but he is best known for his appearances at assorted horror conventions. So why hasn't he returned to the franchise that made him famous? 

Diehard Halloween fans have certainly noticed his absence and are not pleased. In fact, some fans were so disgruntled that they created a petition to try to get him cast in the current Halloween trilogy. "Blumhouse has brought Jamie Leigh Curtis, Charles Cyphers, and Nick Castle back to reprise the roles they originated in HALLOWEEN (78) yet they have the audacity to recast the pivotal role of Tommy Doyle for HALLOWEEN KILLS. Rather than casting the iconic Brian Andrews to again recite unforgettable lines like 'But you can't kill the Boogeyman,' 'The Boogeyman's outside,' and 'Was that the Boogeyman?', producers, for some inexplicable reason have cast Anthony Michael Hall to play Tommy Doyle in the new films," the petition said. It called the casting decision "outrageous, audacious, and wildly offensive."

At the time of this writing, there has not been any publicized word from Andrews about the petition or his absence from Halloween.