Why Brittany Has Doubts About Her Future With Yazan On 90 Day Fiance

Trouble in paradise? 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Brittany Banks admitted she's worried about her future with boyfriend Yazan Abo Horira. During the Oct. 25, 2020 episode of the show, the beauty revealed she gave Yazan, who lives in Jordan, an ultimatum while she was away in the United States finalizing her divorce from her first marriage.

"Before I go back to Jordan for good, I told Yazan that he needed to show me that he's an independent man and find a place for him and I, and he needs to make enough money to send me a plane ticket," Brittany said in a confessional interview (via YouTube). "Conveniently it has bought me the time I need because it is taking him some time to get all of that together, and my court date for my final divorce hearing is next week."

During the episode, Brittany FaceTimed Yazan to check in, but he appeared to be frustrated with his better half. He admitted she "makes him crazy" and he even started working as a taxi driver and as a barber in preparation for his girlfriend's big move.

Although Yazan feels he might crack under the pressure to provide, Brittany doesn't think her requests are outlandish. "I'm not asking him for a lot. I'm only asking him to make sure he provides stability, a roof over our head, just basic things," she told the camera.

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Brittany doesn't want to pick the wrong guy... again

With Yazan Abo Horira's reservations about providing for Brittany Banks, the reality star began to fear they might be on two different pages. "He acts like I'm asking him for a private jet or a yacht or shopping sprees, which I'm used to, but I'm not asking you for that. So be grateful and give me what I asked for," she said during the episode (via YouTube).

After finalizing her divorce, Brittany started to question some of her recent decisions. "Going through my divorce definitely stirred up a lot of emotions in me," she said. "I picked the wrong guy, and I don't want to make that mistake again."

While Brittany "fell in love" with Yazan because he was "so different," she is worried he may have been bluffing: "He portrayed himself to be a feminist, so I feel like that's what I fell in love with, but that's not what he's given me."

Upon her return to Jordan, Brittany has a feeling Yazan is going to put her in a tough position. "He thinks he's going to give me an ultimatum of getting married and being a Muslim when I get there, but I'm going to give his ass an ultimatum," she said. "I'm not going to convert and we're not going to get married right away. I need him to tell them that he's going to live for his future wife and his future family or that's it. If he can't do that, then this is dead."