How 90 Day Fiance's Biniyam Made Ariela Cry After She Gave Birth

TLC's 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way continues to be so eventful (and, at times, scandalous) we can hardly handle it! Season 2's episode 17, which aired on Oct. 25, 2020, was no different. Fans saw Ariela Weinberg navigate life in Ethiopia with Biniyam Shibre and their new baby boy, Aviel.

Ariela gave birth via emergency cesarean section, according to People, and so not only was she post-op throughout the episode, but she was also figuring out life as a new mom. Ariela even admitted to being a little lost, according to TV Insider, as she said: "It's so weird. I mean, I think I'll be a good mom. I think I'm doing an OK job. But if you ask me if I know what I'm doing, I have no idea what I'm doing."

There was evidence of this sentiment when they left the hospital and realized they had no car seat for their son. Since there are no car seat laws in Ethiopia, as Entertainment Tonight notes, Biniyam thought it would be fine to all drive home together. But for Ariela, this was a no-go. She made Biniyam walk home with their son while she got a ride.

But if you think this was the end of uncomfortable cultural adjustments for Ariela, you're in for a big surprise... just like she was.

Biniyam surprised Ariela with a sheep sacrifice

Ariela Weinberg arrived at her home in Ethiopia with Biniyam Shibre and their new son, Aviel, only to be greeted by a local tradition that upset her.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Biniyam had invited several guests to their home without running this by Ariela. Considering she had undergone an emergency C-section only two days prior, it makes sense she was not exactly in the mood for visitors. Then, lo and behold, a sheep arrived on the scene and Biniyam explained that it's a tradition to slaughter a sheep as a sacrifice for her and their son's happiness, per TV Insider.

Ariela was visibly upset and started to cry. When Biniyam explained that all of this was in her honor, she said, "I think that makes it worse. Now I'm responsible for sheep slaughter," per ET.

It was a lot to take in, for sure, and maybe next time Biniyam can give Ariela a little heads-up about his cultural traditions.