The Real Meaning Behind Ariana Grande's Just Like Magic

Singer Ariana Grande dropped her sixth studio album, Positions, on Oct. 30, 2020, one week following the release of the titular single, "Positions." This is Grande's third studio album in just three years: It follows Sweetener (2018) and Thank U, Next (2019). Positions is the singer's most "adult" album, as it boasts a recurring theme of sexuality throughout, on tracks like "Nasty," "34+35," and "Positions."

The album features a few collaborations with artists such as hitmaker The Weeknd on the track "Off The Table," Doja Cat on "Motive," and Ty Dolla $ign on "Safety Net."

Grande is known for her witty turns of phrase, and there's no shortage throughout Positions, the title of which is itself a cheeky double entendre. Grande's fans love the empowering Positions track, "Just Like Magic," in which she sings about fame, fortune, and positivity — and a possible subtle nod to her late boyfriend, Mac Miller. Keep reading for more on the meaning behind "Just Like Magic."

Ariana Grande's Just Like Magic is a nod to Mac Miller

"Just Like Magic" is giving Ariana Grande's fans the feels due to a perceived lyrical shout-out to her late boyfriend, Mac Miller. In the song's bridge, Grande sings, "Good karma my aesthetic (Aesthetic) / Keep my conscience clear, that's why I'm so magnetic / Manifest it (Yeah), I finessed it (I finessed it) / Take my pen and write some love letters to heaven." 

Fans were moved because she could very well be singing about talking to Miller in heaven. One fan tweeted, "When Ariana said, 'take my pen and write some love letters to heaven' in just like magic she was talking about mac so now I'm gonna to cry myself to sleep." Another fan heaped praise on the song, writing, "'Take my pen and write some love letters to heaven' Ariana Grande, did you just...OMG QUEEN & if it doesn't mean what I think... I still believe #hewasanangel #mac." But it just isn't the probable Mac Miller reference that Grande's fans are loving.

Ariana Grande unleashes the power of a snap on Just Like Magic

Ariana Grande definitely knows how to serve up a feel-good anthem. Twitter is buzzing about the empowerment vibe of the "Just Like Magic" chorus. "Just like magic (Baby), just like magic (Oh yeah) / Middle finger to my thumb and then I snap it / Just like magic (Yeah), I'm attractive (Oh yeah)? / I get everything I want 'cause I attract it (Oh)." Of the song, one Arianator tweeted, "Just Like Magic is a top fav because the lyrics and meaning of the song are so positive. It gives me sunshine vibes for a day when you might doubt yourself or your purpose in life. It's yet another feel-good song off the album."

And also, who doesn't love having the opportunity to enjoy an empowering snap? Another fan of "Just Like Magic" wrote, "As long as I live...I don't think I'll ever not snap to the part where she says, "Middle finger to my thumb and then I snap it." So if you suddenly hear a whole lotta snapping going on, you can thank Ariana Grande.