The Kid From Mrs. Doubtfire Is An Absolute Hunk Now

Back in 1993, Matthew Lawrence played the precocious Chris Hillard, the middle child in a family whose parents are getting divorced, in the film Mrs. Doubtfire. His dad, played by the late Robin Williams, wants to be able to spend time with his kids despite his divorce from Sally Field's Miranda, so he transforms himself into the titular nanny/housekeeper who can do it all. 

Though it was far from Lawrence's first onscreen acting role, it had a huge impact on his life and career, with wise words from Williams keeping the young actor from falling into the notorious pitfalls of childhood stardom. "I'll never forget it. He called me aside and this was not joking Robin, this is serious Robin. 'Don't do [drugs] Matthew,'" Lawrence later told Page Six. "There are moments when that voice prevented me from doing anything wrong."

Lawrence's role in the acclaimed movie also drew the eyes of plenty of teen girls, despite only being a teen himself. As he got older, though, and took on more acting roles, his star continued to rise — and dare we say, he got more and more handsome! The actor has been in the industry for nearly his whole life — drawing on his good looks and talent to keep winning roles and popularity. But have you seen this former child star lately? It turns out that Matthew Lawrence has aged very well since his Mrs. Doubtfire days.

The kid from Mrs. Doubtfire often shared the screen with his real-life siblings

Matthew Lawrence was known to star alongside his equally adorable and famous siblings, particularly in the '90s, making the Lawrence brothers a trifecta of good looks. His older bro, Joey Lawrence, is four years his senior, while younger brother Andrew Lawrence is eight years Matthew's junior. These three played brothers on their own TV show, Brotherly Love, as well as movies like Brothers of the Frontier and Horse Sense. Matthew even made appearances in big brother Joey's sitcom, Blossom, as a younger Joey. 

While Matthew is a very talented actor in his own right, a few of his roles have definitely played off his looks, with the star adding some eye candy to movies like 2002's The Hot Chick and through his recurring role of Jack on Boy Meets World in the late '90s. Matthew has continued to steadily take on lesser known roles in the decades since, but is there another Lawrence brothers project in the works? "We're actually working on a TV show together for the first time in 15 years," Joey told ET of their upcoming "edgy" series in 2017. "We wanted to find a way not to redo Brotherly Love, but to bring us back together as grown men." Whoa! (We had to.)

Unfortunately, there haven't been any updates on the project since, but we feel like the world is more than ready for the Lawrence brothers' return to the small screen.

Mrs. Doubtfire alum Matthew Lawrence does more than act, though

Matthew Lawrence is much more than just a pretty face who can act. This multi-talent can sing, too! Not only did he show off his vocals in some of his acting roles, like on Brotherly Love and Boy Meets World, but he and his famous brothers, Joey and Andrew Lawrence, also formed a band called Still Three in 2014. They released their single, "Lose Myself," three years later, with Matthew telling People at the time, "We started out as a musical family — acting kinda redirected us. It feels good to get back to our roots."

While that's the only song they've released, as of this writing, it's not the only route this particular Lawrence brother has taken outside the acting world. Matthew Lawrence is also a zoologist! He casually mentioned this fact to the paparazzi in 2016, when they asked for his opinion on SeaWorld. However, you only need to take one swipe through Lawrence's Instagram feed to see that his animal-related posts go way beyond simple pictures of a man with his dog — he actually wants to teach you things about animals. According to wife Cheryl Burke's 2018 interview with ET, Lawrence even boasts an "animal farm," "loves reptiles," and has "been raising iguanas for 25 years."

So, now we have a good-looking guy who can sing, act, and teach us a thing or two about animals? What more could we want? Ah yes, let's learn a little more about Lawrence's real-life romance.

Matthew Lawrence married Cheryl Burke in 2019

Matthew Lawrence actually met his future wife, dancer Cheryl Burke, in 2006, when older brother Joey Lawrence competed on Dancing With the Stars. The two felt a mutual attraction right away and started dating, they told Yahoo! Life in 2018, but ended up calling it quits in 2008. 

"We broke up and we didn't even run into each other once, which is crazy because we used to live very close," Burke explained to the outlet. Nearly a decade went by before the two decided to try again, but it was actually the dancer's family who encouraged her to reach out to Matthew Lawrence around Christmas in 2016. She assumed nothing would come of it, but was proven wrong when Lawrence was happy to pick the relationship back up right where they left off — and he's been sharing sweet photos of her on Instagram of her ever since. After announcing their engagement in 2018, the two got married in a San Diego ceremony in May 2019, and were already talking about starting a family by then.

Matthew Lawrence is still consistently acting — putting that talent and his undeniable good looks to use onscreen. But more than that, we love the way this former child star's life has turned out and enjoy seeing him so happy and successful.