Where Does Budweiser Heir Billy Busch Jr. Live And How Big Is His House?

If you've ever watched the MTV reality TV show The Busch Family Brewed, then you'll likely know all about the famous family who was once the force behind Budweiser beer. However, under August Busch IV, who was the company's CEO at the time, the family "sold the business in 2008, when a group of Brazilian and Belgian investors led InBev's takeover of Anheuser-Busch," Forbes explained. Apparently, "it was a big loss for the family that had been brewing beer since Adolphus Busch cooked up the first batch of Budweiser in 1876."

Nowadays, fans can follow the family's on-screen antics, which feature Billy Busch alongside his wife, Christi Busch, and their seven children — Billy Jr., Haley, Abbey, Gussie, Grace, Maddie, and Peter. Along with lives that are filled with dramatic dynamics and enviable privilege, the family has "spent their $13.4 billion fortune" on things like pricey vacations, costly private schools, "and a failed attempt to launch another brewery," according to Business Insider. They also "live in a 6,300-square-foot house in a St. Louis suburb that was named one of the richest towns in America," and purchased a 700-acre farm that can be found outside of St. Louis.

However, in 2020, Billy Busch Jr. apparently decided that farm life didn't quite suit him and that he needed his own place to call home. Of course, as you might expect, he didn't pick up any ol' abode, but instead, snapped up a rather impressive residence that's nowhere near St. Louis.

Billy Busch Jr. bought 'a multi-million dollar bachelor pad'

Considering the kind of homes that Billy Busch Jr. is used to, thanks to his family's snazzy residences, it shouldn't be surprising to find out that he bought himself a "multi-million dollar bachelor pad" in September 2020, according to The Blast. Purchasing his new place in Malibu Beach, Busch Jr. "picked out a prime spot in one of Southern California coast's most sought after neighborhood[s]." While there's no exact info on how much he paid, the reality TV figure was represented by Love & Listings' creator, Sean Matthews, who says that he was "able to negotiate an aggressive price for a truly incredible property" due to "serious uncertainty" caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Whatever Busch Jr. paid was surely worth the 11,000-square-foot property that boasts "some of the most beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean you have ever seen!" He'll also be able to enjoy his three bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as the "walls of glass" which allow him to watch the water from every room and the "huge outdoor decks" that are undoubtedly a dream for anyone who wants to spend some time lounging in the sun.

"Billy was looking for a very specific contemporary style property," Matthews explained. "He also wanted a house that was close to Malibu's prime surf spots, which is not easy to find." Fortunately for Busch Jr., he had a real estate expert on his side to help him find the perfect place.