Why Prince William's Alleged Coronavirus Diagnosis Was Kept Secret

The coronavirus pandemic is still an ongoing issue in most parts of the world as of November 2020, and it's affected even more people than originally thought it seems, according to a new BBC report. Originally reported by The Sun, Prince William was reportedly diagnosed with COVID-19 sometime in April 2020, around the same time as his father, Prince Charles. The Duke of Cambridge reportedly took a week-long break from making calls and video messages between April 9 and April 16 and told a source that he didn't publicize his diagnoses in order to not "worry anyone." "There were more important things going on," he allegedly said. Prince William was reportedly treated by palace doctors and isolated himself at his home in Anmer Hall in Norfolk, according to The Sun. Kensington Palace has declined to comment on the report, according to the outlet. 

A source also told the newspaper, "William was hit pretty hard by the virus." They added, "At one stage he was struggling to breathe, so obviously everyone around him was pretty panicked." There are no indications that his wife Kate Middleton or his children were infected when he was.

The UK was hit hard during the coronavirus pandemic

Per John Hopkins University, the United Kingdom was one of the worst hit countries during the initial stages of the coronavirus pandemic with more than a million COVID-19 cases and 46,700 dead as of November 2020, per the Associated Press. The country is entering a second lockdown from November 6, 2020 until early December 2020, though the same AP report states that it may last longer if needed. Cabinet minister Michael Gove told Sky News, via the AP, "With a virus this malignant, and with its capacity to move so quickly, it would be foolish to predict with absolute certainty what will happen in four weeks' time. We're going to review it on the 2nd of December but we're always driven by what the data says."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a speech, via the BBC, announcing the second lockdown that the models he has seen predict "deaths over the winter that are twice as bad or more compared with the first wave." The prime minister was also infected with the virus in March 2020. Between Johnson's own COVID-19 diagnosis and the reported positive cases among members of the Royal Family, the UK is isn't taking anymore chances this time around, apparently.