The Disturbing Threat Yazan Got From His Father On 90 Day Fiance

On 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 2, the drama between Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira has been escalating, but not just between the couple. There's now some serious conflict going on with Yazan and his family. It all started when (spoilers ahead!) viewers watched as Brittany struggled to navigate life in Jordan, which included her feeling pressure to convert to Islam, as well as her trying to keep it secret that she's still married and in the process of getting a divorce.

During the October 2020 episode, the tension came to a head when Yazan's father kicked him out of the house and fired him after other relatives told him about racy photos Brittany had posted to Instagram. Although Yazan tried to explain that these photos were from the past, Yazan's father still kicked him out, and the young man wound up sleeping on the street for a few nights. So in an optimistic spirit, Yazan convinced his brother, Obaida, to speak to their father on his behalf, according to TV Insider. But things didn't go well at all.

Keep reading to find out how things played out during the Nov. 1, 2020, episode and where Yazan and Brittany handled the situation.

Yazan faces a threat from his furious father

Yazan Abo Horira convinced his brother, Obaida, to speak to their father (pictured right) to clear up alleged rumors about his relationship with Brittany Banks. According to TV Insider, Yazan's family has been whispering that the couple is being sexually active and even secretly got married. Yazan also solicited Obaida's help in addressing rumors that Brittany films adult content. Yazan pleaded with his brother, "Talk with him and tell him, 'Father, Yazan is a man. Yazan is not going to behave in any way that will upset our God.' He raised a human being who fears Allah and who knows how to behave."

However, when Obaida goes to speak with their father, the family patriarch shows him Brittany's photos on social media and remains firm in his position. "Everyone is talking, saying that they are humiliating us," Yazan's father states in a confessional. "They are saying that your son has dishonored us." Yazan's father also said that if Yazan does marry Brittany, he'll kill his son, according to ET Online. "I'm telling you and I'm warning you. I will be his murderer," their dad proclaimed.

Things are not looking good for Yazan's relationship — that's for sure. And who knows whether Brittany will return to Jordan, as she and Yazan have been fighting non-stop. "Brittany is really somewhere having the time of her life while Yazan is literally fighting for this relationship with his life," one viewer tweeted about Brittany living in Florida during Yazan's family battle.