Divorce Lawyer Exposes Denise Richards And Charlie Sheen's Messy Split

One may recall the marriage of celebrity "it" couple Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards. But, perhaps what's even more memorable is their tumultuous divorce that soon followed suit. Since the split, things have been messy, to say the least. But why did the relationship have to end so badly? Holly Davis, a divorce lawyer and partner at Kirker Davis LLP, weighed in on the problems that most likely plagued the couple's marriage and spawned an even uglier breakup. 

"The divorce between Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen reveals the problems with being an eternal optimist and marrying a former addict," Davis told Nicki Swift. "Like many cases, when two people go at it in court against each other for years, there are two separate people with their own individual problems and relationship issues instead of a situation where one person is primarily at fault and the other person is an innocent victim." In this case, Davis believes that Richards is the "eternal optimist" who had hoped that Sheen would eventually come around and be the man she envisioned him to be. "Like many women, Denise appears to have been the type of woman who thought she could change him, or didn't know much about addiction and the likelihood of relapses," Davis surmised, "or was so head-over-heels that she didn't care and took a chance."

Denise Richards' decision-making skills are questionable

While actor Charlie Sheen is definitely not innocent by any stretch of the imagination, expert divorce lawyer Holly Davis believes that ex-wife Denise Richards has a history of making questionable decisions herself, even referencing the star's current relationship, which has been featured on the reality television show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. "I question Denise's judgment in love. She met her current husband after they had sex in a room at the clinic where he worked. So I would not be taking stock, financial, or relationship advice from this woman, mostly because she makes decisions based on her heart and impulses instead of thoughtful consideration, from what it looks like." Davis, however, was quick to add, "It's not bad that she does, it just leads to wild times, very high highs and very low lows, and all of it in between."

Davis also noted Richards' impulsivity following her separation from Sheen. "I suspect that she fell for the fantasy that Charlie was the person that was sober and that explains why she kept going back to him in the middle of the divorce proceedings," Davis explained. 'She moved next door to him, she reconciled with him, she would sue him and fight with him in court and in the tabloids, she took his twins in from another woman, the list goes on and on. This woman believed and fell for everything that Charlie said to her, even after their divorce." But haven't we all been there in one way or another? Sigh.

Denise Richards needs to 'lovingly disassociate' with Charlie Sheen

Divorce lawyer Holly Davis did, however, have some hopeful and promising advice for Denise Richards moving forward. "The best thing for Denise to do is to lovingly disassociate with Charlie as much as she can, with the help of her new husband. Maturely co-parenting with him is a great idea, but she needs to keep her space from Charlie both in the press and in real life. She cannot trust her instincts here because she may still be falling for the fantasy of who she thought and wants Charlie Sheen to be," Davis advised. "It will be a familiar feeling for her when she eventually wakes up from the fantasy to realize that she's on a co-parenting roller coaster with a recovering addict who knows all of the buttons of hers to push," Davis added. 

Speaking of recovering addicts, Davis had this to say about Hollywood's reigning bad boy: "Charlie's antics during their divorce could be devoted to an entire article, but could also succinctly be described as the behavior of a person addicted to drugs, going through a relapse, going through a divorce, and having access to the media and the public. It got ugly. But addiction is ugly and we all got to experience it with Charlie and Denise." Here's to hoping that Sheen and Richards can co-parent amicably and move on with the rest of their lives!