Why Justin Theroux Is Just As Bad As Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston seems to have a type when it comes to husbands: handsome, rich, and maybe not the strongest in character. In fact, Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux share some bad habits that make the rest of us think neither of them may be marriage material.

They're both alleged cheaters

The world still ties Aniston in with Brangelina because Pitt infamously got together with his Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) co-star while he and the Friends sensation were still married. It turns out, Theroux's romance with Aniston may have followed a similar pattern. A source told In Touch Weekly (via the Daily Mail) that Theroux and Aniston "fell in love" on the set of Wanderlust (2011) when the actor and writer was still "very taken" by costume designer Heidi Bivens, with whom he'd been in a relationship for 14 years.

And they both supposedly lied about it

Pitt initially denied hooking up with Jolie while he and Aniston were still married. However, Jolie confirmed to The New York Times in 2008 that they "fell in love" while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Pitt himself told Rolling Stone the same in 2008. Remember, Pitt and Aniston were still married while he and Jolie were filming that fateful flick.

Theroux allegedly did the same to Bivens. Her mother told Radar Online, "Heidi told me what Justin had told her, that something was going to be written about him and Jennifer, that something was going on between them and he wanted her to know that it was nothing, there was nothing to it. Out of his own mouth he told my daughter there was nothing to [the news he was involved with Jennifer]." A source confirmed that account to In Touch Weekly (via the Daily Mail), telling the tabloid, "He totally lied to Heidi and broke her heart."

Theroux may have lied to Aniston about the timeline too. Grazia magazine reports that Aniston had a "tearful" meeting with Bivens and told her "hand on heart [that she'd] never take another woman's man" and that their relationships didn't overlap.

They've both been labeled commitment phobes

Pitt and Jolie only married after they'd been together for a decade and had three biological and three adoptive children together. Theroux dated Bivens for 14 years without putting a ring on it. In fact, Theroux and Aniston were engaged for so long (three years!) that there was speculation the pair would never actually tie the knot.

They're both insensitive

When Pitt posed with Jolie as a married family man with kids for W magazine shortly after his split from Aniston, his ex-wife told Vanity Fair, "There's a sensitivity chip that's missing." However, it didn't seem to bother Aniston when Theroux made a supremely insensitive remark in November 2015. Page Six reports that Theroux called 9/11 "the best thing that ever happened to New Yorkers." Wait, what? A source claims he was telling an anecdote about rent prices...which doesn't make it any better. At all.

They both use their spouses for fame

Though he was already a huge star in his own right, Pitt absolutely enjoyed a career boost from his relationship with Jolie, as our pals at Looper pointed out. Theroux, meanwhile, has enjoyed a much higher profile from his relationship with Aniston than from his own career, which he'll readily admit. However, in the same breath, Theroux has also whined about being in the spotlight all the time.

"My life changed a lot [since being with Aniston]," he told Elle. "More people are like, 'Hey, man!' And I don't think that's from my role in John Adams. But it only changed as much as I engaged with it, and I learned very quickly: Don't ever engage with it," he said. "Just JKL [just keep living]. It was a learning curve, but it wasn't as traumatic as you might expect. It's just annoying. Occasionally you'll get a stewardess congratulating you, on, I don't know, whatever, some three-headed baby we just had."