The Real Reason Travis Scott Deleted His Instagram

Travis Scott appears to have deleted his Instagram account. Fans took notice that the artist left the social media app in November 2020. Unlike his ex-girlfriend, reality star Kylie Jenner, Scott isn't one to frequently upload pics to the 'gram. Only on rare occasions does the artist give fans a look inside his private life, offering up glimpses of raising his daughter, Stormi Webster, with Kylie. Instead, the "Sicko Mode" rapper shares concert moments, #OOTDs and, of course, his music.

Speculation among fans began after the rapper seemingly disappeared from Instagram. Some wondered if Scott was getting ready to release a new album. In October 2020, Complex reported the rapper had indicated that there might be new music on the way, changing his bio from Astroworld to Utopia. Astroworld was Scott's previous album, which he released in 2018. On Oct. 5, 2020, Scott tweeted: "GOING TO GO COOK UP AND BUILD THESE WALLS FOR UTOPIA. SEE YOU GUYS SOON."

Despite a possible album, there is one more reason fans believe Scott deleted his Instagram ... he was being bullied.

Travis Scott was made fun of for his Halloween costume

Although fans enjoy dressing up as their favorite celebrity for Halloween, the celebrities themselves enjoy pulling out all the stops to be other famous friends and characters for a day. Unfortunately for them, their costumes tend to become the focal point of online discussion, with people all around the world judging whether they missed the mark or not. According to Entertainment Weekly, Travis Scott posted a photo of his 2020 Halloween costume on Instagram, but was met with mean jokes.

The rapper dressed in an all brown Batman costume, posing in front of matching vehicles. It seems some fans were less than impressed. In fact, one person even said that the costume looked cheap. "Travis Scott is drowning in millions of dollars right now and he couldn't get a good Batman costume smh," they wrote on Twitter. Others made fun of the "Goosebumps" artist, saying he looked more like a UPS guy.

Shortly after a flood of rude jokes about Scott's costume stormed the internet, the rapper vanished from Instagram, leading followers to believe he was bullied off the app.