Sean Hannity Tried To Call Out Ilhan Omar. This Was Her Response

Uh-oh. Sean Hannity of Fox News is getting roasted on Twitter after he attempted to come at U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. As Yahoo noted, Hannity jumped on Twitter on Nov. 3, 2020 and attempted to call out Omar. In the tweet, Hannity linked out to an article from his own site and wrote, "NOT A JOKE: Ilhan Omar Tells Residents 'You Don't Have to be Registered to Vote' in Minnesota." This was a reference to a tweet of Omar's, where she said. "You don't have to be registered to go vote in Minnesota. [W]e have same day registration so you can register at the polls."

The fact that Hannity left out the second part of Omar's tweet, which stipulated that voters can register at the polls, is, as Yahoo put it, "misleading" and speaks to "willful ignorance" on Hannity's part. Hannity's tweet makes Omar's voting advice sound like mayhem when in fact, her tweet was absolutely correct and perfectly legal. 

Omar came back with a leveling tweet and the Twitterverse is taking Hannity to school. Here's what's going on.

Ilhan Omar gives a quick response to Sean Hannity

In response to Sean Hannity's tweet, Representative Ilhan Omar came back with a swift post. "Where is the lie, we are proud to have same day registration here in the great state of Minnesota," Omar tweeted. "Access to the ballot box is a priority for us, I know it's a hard concept for republican to understand."

Many others joined in, reminding Hannity that Omar's original tweet was accurate. On reporter tweeted, "NOT A JOKE: Minnesota has same day voter registration." Another Twitter user added, "NOT A JOKE, because she's completely correct that Minnesota has same-day registration. Thanks for getting the word out, Sean!"

People just weren't done. Someone else posted, "Hello Sean, Minnesotan here! The State of Minnesota, in its infinite wisdom, decided it was – bear with me here – a good idea to help ensure that its citizens could vote! So, there's same-day registration, which means you don't need to pre-register in order to go to the polls."

It's clear Hannity is going to stand corrected so long as Twitter is around!