Here's How K-Pop Fans Are Attempting To Drown Out Trump Supporters

K-pop fans have proven they are a force to be reckoned with time and time again. In 2020, the fanbase created the "fancam" tactic to get points across online, a strategy that entails an audience member filming a super up-close video of K-pop stars during a live performance and posting the video on Twitter to cause an online distraction for a larger cause, as Newsweek noted. Then, people copy and share the videos, so Twitter gets flooded with these concert clips.

The fanbase first caught worldwide attention when they implemented this method during the reignited Back Lives Matter movement in America, with protests breaking out in response to the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, as reported by Vox. Fans flooded the internet with these K-pop concert videos to distract members of law enforcement from learning information about protests and finding protesters in person. The K-pop fan base, along with TikTok users, then took credit for buying tickets to and therefore inflating the popularity of a Trump rally in Tulsa, Okla., according to The Guardian. When it came time for the rally, there was a noticeable amount of empty seats, which may have resulted from the actions of these creative social media users.

Now, the K-pop fan base has harnessed their power for Election night — here's how they are attempting to drown out Trump supporters.

K-pop fans took over this hashtag

K-pop fans have reportedly "highjacked" the "4MoreYears" hashtag on Twitter in an attempt to drown out the Trump supporters who are using the hashtag to show confidence that Donald Trump will be a two-term American president, according to Newsweek. The trend has taken Twitter by storm and is spreading across the globe, with one user writing, "Why is this trending in the UK? time for a fancam I think #4MoreYears."

The takeover has also garnered the support of members outside the K-pop fan base. "If you're not happy with this hashtag being flooded with K-pop, there's always J-pop! #4MoreYears," a J-pop (Japanese pop music) fan tweeted. A person who didn't identify with either political party cheered on those partaking in the trend, saying, "I'm loving that Kpop twitter has completely taken over the #4MoreYears hashtag." The user shared also shared a standing ovation GIF.

Even with the strategic efforts from K-pop fans and beyond, Trump supporters continue to use the hashtag to show their faith in the 45th President of the United States. "I'm not worried," one supporter tweeted. "@realDonaldTrump Is going to Win this election by a landslide."