Married At First Sight Fans Want This Couple To Get A Spin-Off

Woody and Amani Randall have become fan-favorites since falling in love on Married At First Sight. Their emotional Decision Day reveal received praised from viewers and the show's experts. The two shared the ups and downs of their process to get to know each other after eloping on the day they met. 

While on the couple's retreat, the two got deep when questioning each other's love and what their deal-breakers were, Cheat Sheet reported. Amani let Woody know that she would divorce him if he started to switch up on her, and he told his wife he would leave if she stopped communicating. Their answers gave viewers faith that they were one newlywed couple who possibly stand the test of time. As part of the marriage experiment, participants aren't allowed to be on social media until after the finale airs.

Once their Decision Day results were revealed, though, Woody and Amani returned to social media and fulfilled fans' hopes of them staying together. 

Fans can't stop rooting for Woody and Amani Randall

Woody and Amani Randall have been sharing their love on social media for their combined 150,000 followers to see. For anyone who doubted if their love was real, Amani captioned an October 2020 photo of the couple holding hands and confirmed that their marriage was a "forever thing."

The Lifetime stars have even been hanging out with fellow Married At First Sight Season 11 newlyweds, Miles and Karen Williams. Amani shared a November 2020 photo slide with the couple's double date night. "When Black People Meet . Com doesn't work, jkjk," Amani captioned the post. But, Instagram isn't giving fans enough of Woody and Amani's relationship and viewers reportedly want more.

According to Cheat Sheet, MAFS fans are hoping to see a Woody and Amani spin-off series. While the network hasn't announced any plans for a new show, Woody and Amani have interesting enough lives for supporters to enjoy. With Woody working as a teacher and the couple living so close to Miles and Karen in New Orleans, a possible spin-off might actually work.