The Bachelorette: How The Men Really Felt About Clare Crawley's Exit

Clare Crawley has finally left The Bachelorette, so what do the Bachelorette contestants think about Clare leaving? If the Tayshia Adams first episode is any indication, the reaction seems to be "Clare Who?" When Tayshia walked in to meet the contestants, it was like the sun coming out after a storm. Every single man in the room just lit up; everyone was smiling! The only contestant who was sad was Jason, the ex-football player, who had feelings for Clare that he could not get past. Jason's mature and selfless act of leaving the competition was a sweet moment.

In this episode, Tayshia, a fan favorite from The Bachelor during Colton Underwood's season, met the 16 remaining bachelors, who all seemed very happy to meet her. Since it's Bachelor Nation, Chris Harrison had to add in more drama! Four new Bachelorette contestants were brought into the mix for Tayshia: Peter Giannikopoulos, Noah Erb, Montel Hill, and Spencer Roberston (via Us Weekly).

The Bachelorette contestants seem happy to see Tayshia Adams

Except for Jason, all The Bachelorette contestants and most of Bachelor Nation were happy to see Tayshia Adams. According to Infamous reality tv spoiler Reality Steve: "Well, we are now on to Tayshia's season beginning tonight on the Bachelorette. Some of you have been waiting for this since the season started, some are indifferent, and some hate it. I'm certainly interested because I'm curious about the response once it all plays out."

Tayshia gave her first rose to new contestant Spencer Robertson; she was smitten from the minute he got out of the limo. Spencer was the first new Bachelor out of the limo, saying: "This is a very pleasant surprise ... I've heard great things about you. I'm super excited to get to know you" (via ET). While Tayshia was happy to see Spencer, a water treatment engineer from La Jolla, California, the OG bachelors were a bit frosty. The way Spencer greeted the group may have had something to do with the freeze-out. The newcomer walked in and asked the group which one of them "scared away Clare."

And don't worry about Clare Crawley, as many believe that Clare and Dale have found true love.