This Is How Much Million Dollar Listing's Steve Gold Is Really Worth

If you love watching real estate shows like Property Brothers, Selling Sunset or Flipping Vegas, then you've surely also seen more than a few episodes of Million Dollar Listing. On the popular Bravo reality TV series that's been based in Los Angeles since 2006 before getting New York, Miami and San Francisco spinoffs, viewers get to watch pros like Ryan Serhant and Steve Gold profit off of their house-savvy expertise. As for the latter, while Gold's success is due, in part, to his knowledge of New York neighborhoods and pricey properties, he also credits boxing with keeping him on his A-game.

"I perform at a higher level after staying consistent with my workout regimen. I feel clearer, like I want to do better at work," Gold explained to Page Six in July 2019. At the time, the reality star shared that he trained at Performix House, working with boxing coach Martin Kelly, someone "who fought on the same fight card as MMA champ Conor McGregor in Ireland and trains other professional athletes."

While Kelly obviously knows what he's doing when he throws a punch, he seemed to be pretty impressed with Gold's capabilities beyond real estate, noting, "[Steve] will come in and as soon as it's go time, it's go time. He doesn't mess around, which I love. We talk when we need to talk and we get to work." That kind of dedication and focus is surely why Gold has a rather sizable fortune.

Steve Gold can definitely afford (some of) his own million-dollar listings

Anyone who watches the New York version of Million Dollar Listing will be able to tell you that Steve Gold has what it takes to succeed in his professional life. Along with graduating from New York University's Stern School of Business magna cum laude, Gold also spent his earlier days working with the likes of Giorgio Armani and Louis Vuitton, per Bravo. However, he wasn't interested in hanging around in the fashion world for the long term and eventually transitioned into real estate. 

After breaking into the business as a luxury real estate broker for Town Residential, he went on to join The Corcoran Group in 2018, and, of course, joined Million Dollar Listing in 2017. If you're curious about what kind of real estate you can buy from Gold these days, you can check out his (often stunningly gorgeous and jealousy-sparking) listings on the Corcoran website. However, if you want to purchase something from the star, be prepared to pay up because the homes he represents are not only fabulous — they're also costly.

Frankly, dealing in such high-priced real estate is surely what made Gold a millionaire. Granted, the salary he makes from his television work likely also contributes to the fact that Celebrity Net Worth puts his fortune at $10 million. No wonder he feels comfortable working with his millionaire clients — he's pretty darn rich himself!