The Untold Truth Of Arielle Kebbel

Over the course of her 18-year career, Arielle Kebbel has quickly proven she's one of Hollywood's most sought-after talents. Not only has she starred in a number of iconic TV shows and blockbuster films, but she also has a few made-for-television Christmas movies under her belt. In other words, this woman is as versatile as it gets. It also seems like Kebbel was destined to be an actress because she landed her first major acting role on Gilmore Girls — she played Dean's wife Lindsay, aka Rory's eventual rival — just two days after moving from Florida to Los Angeles to pursue her career, according to Hallmark.

Kebbel opened up about the breakout role with Entertainment Weekly in 2015 and why she will never forget it. "Gilmore Girls was my first job in L.A. and I remember one of the first times someone ever asked me if I was an actress," she explained. "I was getting coffee and they said, 'Excuse me, are you in Gilmore Girls?' I said, 'Oh my gosh, yes!' It was such a moment for me. And she said 'Oh, we hate you!" (Note: They did not mean Kebbel, the actress. They simply hated her character because fans wanted Dean and Rory to end up together.) 

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Arielle Kebbel once sparked dating rumors with Entourage's Kevin Connolly

Arielle Kebbel has not been married or found "the one" yet, but over the course of her life in the public eye, she has been romantically linked to a few men, one of which includes Entourage star Kevin Connolly, who played "E" on the popular HBO series. The two sparked dating rumors in 2010 after they were spotted together on multiple occasions. The rumored couple never confirmed their relationship status, but they attended an art exhibit together, were seen leaving a night club in West Hollywood together, and were photographed out and about in Los Angeles, according to Ranker. They presumably met while filming Entourage, as Kebbel made an appearance as the character Layla during the show's very first episode in 2004, as per IMDb.

In June 2020, the actress introduced the world to the new man in her life. She went Instagram official with her new mystery beau, sharing a photo of them cuddling. According to Us Weekly, they had been seeing each other for "more than three months" at the time of publication, and met in New York while she was there filming a project. 

Arielle Kebbel has been best friends with actress Torrey DeVitto for decades

Some of Arielle Kebbel's romantic relationships might not have worked out, but she found a forever friend in Pretty Little Liars alum Torrey DeVitto. The two, who affectionately refer to themselves as Toirelle, have been best friends for over two decades and have supported each other's careers for just as long. And over the years, they have not shied away from publicly declaring their love for one another on social media. 

"We've know each other for 20 yrs now & every year I am more and more grateful for our friendship.Tor, you're 1 of the most loving, graceful, compassionate people I know. U lead by example & u make the world a better place wherever you go," Kebbel tweeted in 2018 in celebration of DeVitto's birthday. In another Instagram post, the actress revealed the two have actually known each other since the sixth grade. "Been walking through the school of life w/ this angel since the 6th grade!" she shared. Keep scrolling to find out which popular TV series Kebbel and DeVitto both guest starred on back in the day.

Arielle Kebbel has a very impressive résumé

Arielle Kebbel has appeared in a lot of TV shows and movies. In fact, her résumé is stacked. She has appeared in many popular television series, including Gilmore Girls, Life Unexpected, 90210, UnREAL, Ballers, and more. But the role that put her on the map was John Tucker Must Die, in which she played one of the title character's vengeful exes, Carrie Schaeffer. Kebbel's role as Lexi Branson — Stefan Salvatore's "best vampire friend" — on The Vampire Diaries also made her a household name because her character was beloved by so many fans. (In fact, many still wish the writers wouldn't have killed her off.) But, throughout the show's eight-season run, Kebbel frequently guest starred and made a surprise appearance on the series finale. Even her BFF, Torrey DeVitto had a role on TVD.

In 2018, Kebbel landed the role of Gia Matteo in Fifty Shades Freed and in 2020, she started filming the movie After We Fell, which is an upcoming romantic drama based on the successful novel of the same name. After We Fell is the third film in the After film series and, with Kebbel at the helm, we're positive this installment will be a hit, too!