What Really Happened To E From Entourage

Although Kevin Connolly is arguably best known for playing Eric "E" Murphy, on HBO's Entourage, his career has been busy since the show wrapped in 2011 after eight seasons. In between the show and the Entourage movie, Connolly starred in the 2014 series, Friends With Better Lives. He also appeared in the series, Pitch, 2016.

In addition to acting, Connolly has racked up credits as a director for TV shows, including Snatch and The Oath. In 2016, he spoke to Elite Daily about directing the film Dear Eleanor, which starred Jessica Alba and Luke Wilson, who both guest-starred on Entourage. He told the outlet, "Being on Entourage for so long, which is such a testosterone, male-driven show, I have nieces and younger people in my life who have really never gotten to watch anything I've been involved in." He was happy to direct "a female empowerment movie."

He also dished on directing John Travolta in the 2018 film Gotti, saying, "He's one of my childhood favorites as an actor. So to be able to get behind the camera and direct John Travolta as John Gotti is amazing." Unfortunately, the movie flopped commercially and critically, earning a 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

So what's next for Connolly? During a January 2020 appearance on the podcast, The Wolf of Wall Street, Connolly shared, "I want to, eventually, move into original television content." But wait — that's not all Connolly has up his sleeve. Keep reading to find out what else "E" has achieved.

Kevin Connolly added CEO to his resume

In June 2020, Kevin Connolly added a new title to his resumé, CEO, and announced via The Hollywood Reporter the launch of his podcast network called ActionPark Media. Although the podcast world is a new venture for Connolly, he hasn't left Entourage in the past. One of the shows on the network is all about EntourageVictory The Podcast is hosted by Entourage creator Doug Ellin and former cast member Kevin Dillon, with occasional appearances from Connolly, as the producer. And each week, they re-watch and discuss a different Entourage episode. 

Connolly told The Hollywood Reporter about his love for podcasting, "The way audio content is created and consumed in the age of new media is something that's been of great interest to me since the first time I listened to a podcast." He shared that the network's programming will include "podcasts in all genres and creating intellectual property to develop for television and film."

Other shows on the network include American Glutton, which centers around the rise of obesity in the United States. Former NHL player Sean Avery also hosts the show, No Gruffs Given.

Kevin Connolly is passionate about sports

Kevin Connolly dished to the NHL in April 2019 about his Los Angeles sports bar, Goal Sports Cafe. Even though the bar is in California, the focus is New York Sports, specifically the New York Islanders hockey team. It's probably something his onscreen persona, Eric Murphy, would support since he is a New York native himself, just like Connolly. The Entourage alum shared, "It's a sports bar, it's a hockey bar, but it's always an Islanders bar. The Islanders get the main screen and the volume, always."

Connolly explained the need for a New York-focused sports bar, telling the outlet, "When you move to California, you miss a piece of home." Yes, Goal Sports Cafe does feature other games, but the Islanders do take priority when it comes down to it. New York transplants need a spot to gather and root for their favorite times while they're in Los Angeles, right?

Will Kevin Connolly star in another 'Entourage' movie?

Kevin Connolly was asked by Elite Daily in 2016 how Entourage shaped the rest of his career. He admitted, "I'd be lying if I said there aren't moments during my day that really feel like a scene out of 'Entourage.' So maybe in the 12 years involved in Entourage, I learned a trick or two."

Connolly shared, "We're forever bonded, we're brothers forever. Jerry Ferrara and I are very close, Emmanuelle Chriqui and I are really good friends. The problem is we're all very spread out. Jeremy [Piven] is in London doing Mr. SelfridgeAdrian [Grenier] is in New York, Kevin Dillon is in Malibu with his kids... But the minute we get back together it's like one big happy family."

Even so, it seems like any future cast reunions won't get filmed. Connolly shot down the idea of another Entourage project during a New York Daily News interview in 2016, telling the outlet, "I'm going to give you the breaking news: It's never going to happen. It's just not. It's just time to move on."

Although this info might be disappointing to some, there is solace in knowing "E" lives on in the Entourage fanbase.