Here's Where Clare And Dale Are Going To Live After The Bachelorette

Happily ever after came sooner than expected for Bachelorette lead Clare Crawley, who departed Season 16 halfway through with the man of her dreams, former NFL player Dale Moss. While rumors that Clare quit to pursue Dale after only 12 days of filming continued to swirl ahead of the season's premiere, the couple's whirlwind romance culminated in a dramatic engagement that aired on the Nov. 5, 2020 episode of the show. And though the early departure may have meant missing out on traditional hometown dates, the pair wasted no time in packing their bags and jetting off to visit each other's home states. 

According to E! Online, Cali-born Clare took Dale on the "ultimate tour of Sacramento," while he showed her around South Dakota. In Sioux Falls, they cruised around Dale's old high school before dining out and meeting up with a few members of the Moss clan! It looks like the former Bachelorette got the family seal of approval because she later popped up in an Instagram photo with her fiancé and his sister Robyn, appropriately captioned "Fam Bam." Now that Clare and Dale have spent some time learning about each other's past, it's time to look forward to the future. Specifically, where will they live now that the cameras have stopped rolling?

Where will Clare Crawley and Dale Moss put down roots?

In a 2020 interview with People, Clare Crawley revealed that she and Dale Moss are already house-hunting in Sacramento, Calif. so that they can remain close to her mother, who is living with dementia. "With my mom being sick, it's important for me to be here and Dale understands and respects that," Clare explained. "He told me, wherever we are, that's home. So for now, that's what we'll do." Dale, who currently lives in New York, echoed Clare on an episode of Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. "Even though I have roots in New York, I can be where I need to be when I need to be," he shared. "We're building a life. We're building a foundation. We want to have a home here."

Even before officially meeting on-set, the couple bonded through their shared family values. Clare, who had admitted to stalking her prospective suitors on social media before filming kicked off, told Vulture that Dale immediately stuck out to her. "I happened to look at his social media and it was close to the anniversary that his mom passed away and I could just relate so much and my heart was so heavy for him," Clare said. Dale's mother Delores tragically passed away in 2017, while Clare's mother resides in a Sacramento-based care facility. Once Clare and Dale settle down together in Cali, they might even be planning a family of their own sooner rather than later. Congrats to the happy couple!