The Surprising Celeb 56% Of People Agree Seems Like The Nicest Person

When it comes to the entertainment industry, a star's reputation can be almost as — if not more, in some cases — important than their talent, their appearance, and their connections. In fact, while there are celebrities who are so off-putting that other famous figures simply refuse to work with them, there are others that are known in the business and beyond for being positively pleasant.

"Sure, sometimes we treat celebrities like they are gods and put them on pedestals, but at the end of the day, celebrities are humans just like us," BuzzFeed noted. However, the outlet also admitted "that doesn't mean that if you met a famous person out in the wild, it wouldn't make your day. Especially if they were nice." You bet!

Indeed, Bustle pointed out that, while "there have been plenty of horror stories printed about certain celebrities being some of the worst people around and being extremely difficult to work with," there is also "a select group of celebrities that are the absolute nicest in the business, no matter what is going on around them." Bustle noted that celebs like Harry Styles, Drew Barrymore, Tom Hiddleston, and Ed Sheeran are known as some of the friendliest famous folks around. Gina Rodriguez, LeBron James, Taylor Swift, Ryan Gosling, and Britney Spears are also among those celebs who are super nice.

But who is the friendliest of the friendly? Nicki Swift conducted a survey of 100,000 people around the country and asked them which celebrity seems like the nicest person. Can you guess who it is?

One super nice star stands out among the rest

Which stars seem like the nicest celebrities of all? Well, "Lady Gaga is amazing! I met her in person and didn't even feel a sense of being nervous because her vibe made me feel so comfortable," one person explained while answering Nicki Swift's survey. In fact, Gaga earned 9% of the overall votes. Hugh Jackman was also a popular choice, with 10%. "I'm shocked people are unaware of how kind Hugh Jackman is," someone wrote on his behalf. And it should not be surprising to find out that an impressive 18% of those who voted in the survey opted for Tom Hanks, who's known to be a "lovely" person "to work with," according to a commenter.

However, there's another star who seems like he's even nicer than Gaga, Jackman, and Hanks — that's Keanu Reeves, who received a whopping 56% of the votes. Why does Reeves come off as the sweetest celeb around? As one survey taker noted, "Keanu is very generous." That's true! In fact, he's secretly given away millions of dollars over the years. Another person added their take, telling us, "Keanu is the nicest of all. He has experienced so many traumatic situations and to me that has made him see the world through different lenses." Again, that's true. Sadly, Reeves has endured his fair share of heartbreak and yet still seems like a positive person.

So, why is Reeves so lovely? Well, one person had an idea: "Keanu is [Canadian]. Who['s] nicer than Canadians?" True again?