Here's Why Trump's Hair Has The Internet Buzzing

Whether we like it or not, President Donald Trump's hair has been a seemingly daily source of fascination ever since he came down that escalator to announce he was running for office. Jimmy Fallon caught heat in 2016 for running his hands through Trump's hair on his show. And, in 2020, it was revealed that the president spent $70,000 on styling his hair, at least during his Apprentice days.

Now, Trump's hair has captured the internet's attention all over again — and not because there was a fly in it. A week after the race was officially called for President-elect Joe Biden, Trump finally stepped out after an unusually long period of silence on Nov. 13, 2020. But there was one thing that was immediately clear when Trump eventually reappeared: His hair did not seem to be its signature shade of brassy yellow. Instead, the outgoing president's signature locks had seemingly turned gray within a week. Obviously, Twitter had some thoughts about this latest development.

Donald Trump's hair color seemingly changed overnight

The change was subtle enough that it was easy to miss, but once seen, it was impossible to unsee. By mid-November 2020, Donald Trump finally made a public appearance after his electoral loss, and his hair seemed to have gone completely gray. Lest you think his hair simply went to a lighter shade of blonde, one tweeter threw the sitting president into Photoshop to make the definitive claim: "for your reference, i have sampled his hair color: it's gray."

Of course, there were plenty of jokes and schadenfreude to go around. "It appears Donald Trump's hair dye has conceded," one tweeter wrote. "Trump's hair went from gold to silver because he came in second place," chimed another.

A few people suggested that the change in Trump's hair color was a deliberate choice to look like another candidate. "Trump probably thinks he can pass for Biden if he stops dying his hair," one Twitter user suggested. Another seconded this theory, claiming, "He dyed it that color to look more like our President-Elect." We may never know why Donald Trump does much of what he does, but it sure can be fun to speculate.

This wasn't the first time Donald Trump's hair garnered attention

While Donald Trump's gray hair at a press conference in mid-November 2020 cause quite a buzz, it's not the first time his hair has made headlines. For instance, back in March of 2020, Trump's hair was also a grayer shade at a daily press briefing tied to the pandemic. Vogue deemed his then-gray hair "just his latest political tactic." Per the outlet, "One Twitter user theorized that Trump was seeking a more dignified look for the 2020 race, which would certainly align with his brazen political strategizing in the face of a global crisis."

Oh, and at that same event, Trump also reportedly bragged about his hair being real, despite rumors that he may wear a toupee. He said at the time (via Vogue), "My hair is blowing around, and it's mine. That's one thing you can't get away with—  if it's not yours, then you've got a problem if you're president."

Proving just how fascinated the internet is with what's atop Trump's head, there's a whole Twitter account dedicated to the president's locks with the handle @TrumpsHair. The parody account's bio reads, "HOTUS (Hair of the United States)." And while there are likely ample other joke accounts out there, that particular one boasts, "The only real Twitter account of Trump's hair. All others are #FakeHair. I'm on top of the man who is on top of the world." Hairy — oops, we mean very — clever!