How Austen Kroll Feels About Kathryn Drinking Again On Southern Charm

The Southern Charm gang has a lot of history with each other, but one cast member maintains that he's done keeping secrets when it comes to what he can say and do on camera. Now that Kathryn Dennis has admitted that she's drinking again, according to People, Austen Kroll is finally letting loose as to how he really feels about the so-called big reveal. 

Kathryn's sobriety has been a focal point on the show since her tumultuous relationship with Thomas Ravenel, when she checked into rehab in 2016 after losing custody of her two children because of her reported substance use issues, as per Entertainment Tonight. Her sobriety was called into question during the Season 6 reunion, when Austen brought up an appearance she had made on Watch What Happens Live in which fans thought that she looked like she was "on something," which she denied. She later admitted that she had started drinking again, but that she had it under control, per People. Kathryn also said that she didn't smoke marijuana or do anything illegal, though. When Austen accused her of reportedly lying about being sober during that May 2019 appearance with Andy Cohen, Kathryn fired back, saying, "Don't ever think for a f****** second you're going to come after me and my sobriety. You better back the f*** up," according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. Now, though, it sounds like he has her back. 

Austen says he's done with Kathryn's 'narrative'

Austen Kroll told Us Weekly that he was happy Kathryn Dennis was being honest about her drinking because he was "sick and tired" of her "'I don't drink' narrative." Austen added that he hoped it didn't become a problem for her, but that ultimately it was better that she was facing the issue head on instead of having people "cover" for her actions or pretend that she didn't drink.

"As soon as, like, you know, she came out of the gates and she was like, 'I'm drinking again,' I was, like, 'Yes.' You know, like, 'Good,'" he explained. Austen added, "I don't care to talk about this with someone, you know, off-camera. So, I think that she, you know, faced [it] kind of head-on and what that does is it prevents other people from talking about it, you know, behind [your] back."

Given all of her issues on the show in the past, Kathryn seems to finally be trying to take control of her story. Even if that means admitting some things she used to be more private about. And at least Austen can focus on bickering with Shep and Craig from here on out instead. 

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