The Truth About Tyler, The Creator's Relationship With Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross and Tyler, the Creator have plenty in common. They have both spent years at the center of the music industry, and both stars exist as two of the most fashionable people in the world. It was no surprise that the People's Choice Awards honored Ross with the Style Icon Award, given her fashion choices on both red carpets and Instagram alike. What was a bit of a surprise, though, was the fact that Ross personally asked Tyler to present the award to her.

As it turns out, Ross and Tyler have established a generation-bridging friendship over their past few years in the spotlight. They obviously have plenty to talk about, but their friendship has blossomed into a professional partnership. The two collaborated in a big way in 2019, when Ross appeared in the music video for Tyler's single "Earfquake." Their chemistry was immediately evident, but that video is just a small glimpse into the friendship the two really share.

Tyler, the Creator and Tracee Ellis Ross have obvious chemistry

Tracee Ellis Ross and Tyler, the Creator can't quite remember the circumstances that brought them together, but they agree that ASAP Rocky, Tyler's friend and frequent collaborator, had something to do with it. "I was with Rocky and he was like, 'I'm going to go to this place,'" Tyler recalled to Ross when they talked for Interview Magazine in the summer of 2020. "And I was like, 'I don't want to go there, that place is stupid. But okay, I'll go for six minutes. But we're leaving at 7.' And then you were there and we ended up hanging out."

Needless to say, they're both pretty happy that they crossed paths that night, and they just can't find enough ways to praise each other. "Externally, I don't know that people would think we have so much in common," Ross said, adding that she experienced her first-ever mosh pit at one of Tyler's shows. It's clear that the two just get along in an effortless way, with Tyler telling Ross, "You have a glow that radiates. People just want to hang out with you." Tyler, the Creator has more first-hand experience than we do to make that assessment, but we, too, want to hang with Tracee Ellis Ross.