The Truth About Shannen Doherty And Jennie Garth's Relationship

Oftentimes, reality will mimic art — and that's exactly what happened on the set of the popular '90s show Beverly Hills, 90210. As it turns out, while characters Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor were duking it out over heartthrob Dylan McKay, a.k.a actor Luke Perry, in our living rooms, off screen, cast members Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth were doing much of the same. 

In her 2014 memoir Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde, Garth wrote candidly about the teenagers' rivalry. "I don't know why it is, but there is a universal truth that when you put three teenage girls together, some serious s**t is going to go down... Poor Tori [Spelling], the youngest of the three of us was, inevitably, often caught in the middle and she was always trying to smooth things over, trying to get Shan and me off each other's backs and get along, but her efforts usually failed," Garth penned in the tell-all. 

In an interview with E! News that same year, Garth also cited being "locked in this sound stage for 14-16 hours every day" for a lot of the actresses' differences. "There were times when we loved each other and there were times when we wanted to claw each other's eyes out," she added.

So what is their relationship like now? And do they still have moments of wanting to claw each other's eyes out? Keep reading after the jump to find out!

The former '90210' co-stars get along much better now

Luckily, actresses Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth have moved past their angst-filled teenage years and their drama with one another. During an interview with Glamour in 2012, Doherty confessed that they now have a mutual admiration. "I happen to watch Tori's show. And I think it's incredibly charming and endearing and I can't wait to see Jennie's show," she said. "I did the new 90210 with Jennie and there was something very different about our friendship. We were able to look at each other as grown women and really acknowledge that we liked who the other person was now as adults." 

Garth echoed those same sentiments, telling E! News in 2014 that the pair was getting along much better these days. "It was more of just young girls finding their way and finding their individual voices. Shannen and I are both Aries women, we're both very strong, independent women, so we butt heads a lot," Garth admitted "Now, as grown women, we happen to get along as well."

Let bygones be bygones, right?!