The Bachelorette: The Real Reason Ed Sparked A Feud With Chasen

Now that it's Tayshia Adams' turn to be the Bachelorette, viewers are seeing some guys who didn't get much screen time during Clare Crawley's run. During the Nov. 17, 2020, episode, a new rivalry emerged between contestants Chasen Nick and Ed Waisbrot. Ed let out the biggest eye roll in response to Chasen taking off his shirt as a "meal" for Tayshia. The tension spilled over to the date's after-party when Chasen was the first guy to pull Tayshia aside for a one-on-one chat. In his absence, Ed called Chasen an "actor," claiming that he "spins a web of deceit," according to People.

When Chasen returned to the group, Bennett Jordan told him, "I think Ed brought that up, if you're as genuinely fired up about Tayshia as I am." That's when Chasen admitted to sharing "moments with Clare" and that it's been "tough to pivot" now that there's a new Bachelorette. That's when Ed said, "You're not here for the right intentions. You're a bad actor." Ah, the classic "here for the wrong reasons" trope. It never gets old, yet it's so stale at the same time. Ed even committed the mistake of using his time with Tayshia to talk about another guy instead of trying to build up their relationship.

Chasen insisted, "I'm here for the right reasons." However, Ed just wasn't buying it, calling him out for using the same words to describe both Clare and Tayshia. And that was far from the end of their drama.

Ed Waisbrot and Chasen Nick can't let their feud go

During a chat with Tayshia Adams, Ed Waisbrot said that he thinks Chasen Nick came on The Bachelorette for Instagram followers, which Tayshia said "rubs [her] so wrong," according to People. Chasen denied that, claiming that Ed's remarks were "absolutely ridiculous" and that he was "insulted." He asked Ed to stop interfering with his relationship with Tayshia, which probably isn't gonna happen.

At one point, Tayshia told Chasen, "This stuff is so petty to me," which doesn't bode well for either guy's relationship with Tayshia. Seasoned Bachelor viewers know it's the kiss of death to talk about other guys when spending timing time with the lead. Chasen owned up to being "overly aggressive," but Ed couldn't accept that. As a result, Bennett Jordan and Zac Clark split the two of them apart before the fight escalated. Both Ed and Chasen received roses from Tayshia, which meant that the drama would continue.

During a wrestling date, the final match came down to Ed and Chasen, which was very predictable. However, Ed cited a previous shoulder injury and opted out of wrestling Chasen. But, will there be more verbal sparring when the show returns on Nov. 24, 2020? It's very likely.