Married At First Sight's Woody And Amani Don't Agree On This One Thing

Woody and Amani Randall found love on Married at First Sight Season 11. But, it wasn't always an easy road for them leading up to Decision Day. Although the sparks between the couple were evident, during the eight weeks of living together as a part of the televised marriage experiment, the newlyweds realized they had some differences. Woody became skeptical over Amani's interest in him after he dropped the three big words first (I love you), with Amani admitting to only having "a strong like" for her new husband, as Soap Dirt noted.

All in all, the couple brought the experts to tears with their emotional Decision Day reveal. "Initially I looked at love like a thing, a being, a person," Woody said while gazing at his wife, per Distractify. "But, now I'm really looking at it like routines, security, safety." Amani shared how she learned that love "really can be unconditional." Their heartfelt confessions left the experts wiping their eyes after being impressed with the couple's growth.

However, it was only a few weeks before Decision Day that Woody and Amani were at odds over expanding their family — here's how the issue got resolved.

Woody and Amani clashed on family planning

Married at First Sight experts matched Woody Randall, deemed "Mr. Life of the Party" with Amani, "Ms. Calm, Cool, and Collected" due to their different personalities. "I think he needs someone he can respect," the experts discussed while matching them together. Shots of Woody with his friends and family showed them calling him out for being a "wild boy" in the past. Once Woody married Amani, the so-called life of the party was ready to go full throttle. 

Following their wedding ceremony, Woody told Amani that he was ready for the new couple to make a "honeymoon baby." Woah! However, Amani — as well as viewers — felt he was moving way too fast, Soap Dirt reported. Amani tried to meet him halfway and suggested the two get a puppy instead of a newborn baby. But, Woody was not thrilled about the idea of a dog. 

It all worked itself out in the end, and the couple opted to hold off on adding a member to their new family. Following the finale, Amani took to Instagram in October 2020 to let her fans know that "The Randall Way is a forever thing."