Hairstylists Reveal What's Really Going On With Rudy Giuliani's Hair

In mid-November 2020, President Donald Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, made headlines once again, and like his Four Seasons Landscaping press conference debacle, he wasn't making headlines for his lawyering skills. On Nov. 19, 2020, Giuliani held a rather bizarre press conference in which he acted out a scene from the film My Cousin Vinny, floated multiple conspiracy theories and claimed that Trump candidly won the election when he, in fact, did not.

During the event, he seemed to have more than a little bit of an issue with sweating and mid-way through the press conference, a dark substance that appeared to be hair dye started running down the sides of Giuliani's face. While he was seen wiping his face and forehead, he didn't seem to realize dark streaks were running down his face and he wasn't made aware of it by anyone else on stage. 

Unsurprisingly, Twitter had a field day with the mishap, with users wondering if it was actually hair dye or bronzer. One user tweeted: "Rudy Giuliani's hair dye (or bronzer?) is dripping and he has no idea. I'm crying literally laughing." Another person posted a clever pun, writing, "Rudy Giuliani is an attorney to dye for." Someone referred to Giuliani as melting, "They forgot to properly refrigerate Rudy and now the poor guy is melting." So what was running down Rudy Giuliani's face during his ill-fated press conference? Hairstylists have weighed in. 

Keep scrolling to find out their opinions on what the substance actually was.

Hairstylists have differing theories on Rudy Giuliani's hair dye gate

Was that actual hair dye running down Rudy Giuliani's face? The New York Times reached out to professional hairstylists to get their option on the matter. The consensus was that it probably wasn't dye, which doesn't usually drip unless it has been freshly applied. Mirko Vergani, the color director at a Manhattan salon, told the paper that Giuliani likely used mascara or a touch-up pen on his sideburns. "Sideburns are more gray than the rest of the head. You can apply mascara to touch the gray side up a bit so it looks more natural."

Stylist Gene Sarcinello said it might have been a sloppy dye job, possibly involving spray-on dye. "If it's not washed out properly, that's what's going to happen," he told The New York Times. "Not knowing exactly what he has on his hair, it's hair-color related definitely." Hairstylist Nicole Wingo told Slate that she was as baffled as anybody by the liquid, which didn't look like anything she's ever used on a client. "The hair journey that these guys are on is definitely a wild one. I think something like that is probably the result of a tinted product," she said. "I would think it's a topical product, like a pomade or a tinted gel that got really ... gooey."

Whatever the substance was, hopefully, this was a learning moment for Rudy Giuliani. On the bright side, Rudy Giuliani's month can't get much worse. Right?