Bachelorette Fans Have Questions About Tayshia's Friendship With Becca Kufrin?

The Bachelorette lead Tayshia Adams introduced Sydney Lotuaco and Becca Kufrin as two of her "best friends" on a group date during the Nov. 24, 2020 episode of Season 16. Sydney and Tayshia were both on Colton Underwood's Bachelor season and Bachelor in Paradise in 2019, so it makes sense for Sydney to be there — but since when are Becca and Tayshia best friends? Viewers could not help being confused by Tayshia's introduction.

The only thing they sort of have in common is that they both (kind of) dated Colton. Colton made it to the top four on Becca's season of The Bachelorette and Tayshia was in Colton's top three on his season of The Bachelor, but that does not really account for them being close friends. Twitter could not help but pose the question on Bachelor Nation's collective mind: What's going on? Did the producers invite Becca and Tayshia just said that? Or is it actually possible that the two of them are just super low key best friends? Most fans think it's the former.

Fans need details on Tayshia Adams' friendship with Becca Kufrin

Becca Kufrin and Tayshia Adams appeared on each other's podcasts in November 2020, but this was obviously after Tayshia's The Bachelorette season finished filming. DeAnna Pappas told Us Weekly that Tayshia is in a group chat with all of the leads from The Bachelorette, but again, this happened after Tayshia finished her season. So, fans want to know how Becca became one of Tayshia's best friends going into that group date. 

One fan summed up Tayshia's introduction, writing, "Tayshia: Say hi to my best friends! Sydney who I actually know, and Becca who I just met literally 5 minutes ago." Someone else asked, "Tayshia and Becca are besties?" One fan challenged Twitter users, "Raise your hand if you believe Tayshia has ever met Becca, never mind considers her her best friend." Not that users can even raise hands on Twitter, but if they could, they wouldn't.

It makes sense for Sydney Lotuaco to show up for Tayshia, but many fans pointed out that Nicole Lopez-Alvar should have been there, since she was close with Sydney and Tayshia on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. One person asked, "I thought Sydney, Tayshia, and Nicole were the best friend trio? Where did Becca come from?" Another fan falsely predicted, "Time for @nicolelovar and @SydneyLotuaco to be on my screen again!" So much for that. Add Becca and Tayshia's best friendship to the list of Bachelor mysteries. Fans need answers about this one!