90 Day Fiance's Armando And Kenneth Made A Huge Breakthrough In Their Relationship

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way's Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio have made a huge breakthrough in their relationship after experiencing a series of struggles. When the show returned to TLC in October 2020 after a mid-season hiatus, there was some drama to catch up on, and even more that would unfold throughout the season within this fragile relationship.

First, Armando was still struggling to open up about the romance, having recently come out to his parents as gay. Kenneth was certainly concerned about Armando's uncertainty, and detailed that in a confession to cameras prior to meeting Armando's family for the first time. "It is a way of still hiding me, still keeping secrets," he said. "Everything's out, the whole basis of why he moved is out. Just let it all out." Earlier in the season, Kenneth moved to Mexico from Florida to be with Armando.

Armando did let everything out and told his mother and daughter that he planned to marry Kenneth, and his mother did not hide her disappointment with the situation. Following this upset, Kenneth and Armando were denied a marriage license in Mexico, despite it being legal in the country, only adding to their ongoing stress.

However, on the season finale of the show, Armando and Kenneth shared some good news for a change. Keep reading to learn about the major breakthrough the couple made.

Armando and Kenneth feel free at last

It seems that all the obstacles Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio suffered through while on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way have only brought them closer together. In a huge development, Armando admitted that he finally feels comfortable to be himself and no longer has the urge to hide his relationship.

"I never envisioned even being loved by anybody, I was still afraid," Armando told the cameras (per Entertainment Tonight). "I lived in fear still." Armando's biggest concern was not being accepted, and even though he noted his parents may not come to his wedding despite his happiness, he is now done being scared.

"Something I was always afraid about, being seen with a man, but I realize, there's nothing wrong with our love. So, being out here, people looking at us, I really don't mind. Because I have you, and that's all I need," Armando told Kenneth while on the beach together. "It's just amazing to be free — to open my wings and be free."

Kenneth and Armando are the franchise's first openly gay couple, and while their journey to love may not be easy, Armando told ET in November 2020 that he knew they would end up together. "No matter what happened, he was my happiness, and no matter how things go with my parents or anybody in the world, nothing is going to take that away from me," he confirmed.