The Family Chantel: What Really Made Royal Start A Fight With The Producers

The drama on The Family Chantel continued into Season 2 with the arrival of Royal Everett and his wife Angenette Everett. Royal is the older brother of the show's star, Chantel Everett. He didn't appear in the first season because he was in Texas finishing up school, Cheat Sheet reported. His love story shared a similar start as Chantel's marriage to Pedro Jimeno.

Royal and Angenette met online and began dating long-distance before she arrived to the US from the Philippines on a K-1 visa to get married. Just like the suspicions Chantel's parents had about Pedro when they learned of their marriage, the family expressed doubts about Royal and Angenette's relationship and made her feel unwelcome.

It was during the family trip to the Philippines for Royal and Angenette's second wedding when she shared her discomfort with the Everetts. "Before we left Atlanta going to the Philippines, me, Chantel, and her mom went dress shopping," she recalled to producers. "And, I feel like she wants me to admit something. Sometimes I feel like I'm not welcome to their family," Angenette added. She explained her feelings of the family not trusting her or doubting her intentions.

That tension was only setting the stage for a dramatic showdown among the in-laws. 

Tensions boiled over between Royal and Angenette

It was during a night out with Angenette Everett's friends when Chantel Everett decided to reveal the claims that Royal Everett made against his wife in private. Prior to Royal's arrival at the bar, Chantel explained how he previously shared his suspicions that his wife had entertained conversations with other American guys. Angenette became emotional and frustrated by her husband, which led to a huge blowout in front of the entire group.

"Why don't you trust me?" Angenette asked Royal. "I trust you," he said in an attempt to ease tension. But, the damage had already been done. Prior to the trip, Royal expressed his doubts about the baby Angenette miscarried not being his. This only caused more turmoil in the Philippines. "Why do you say I hook up with another guy when I was here and then I got pregnant in the United States?" she asked her husband.

Royal remained silent but was clearly bothered. He decided to storm out of the bar and away from the camera's view, but the crew followed quickly behind. "Royal, can you come back to talk?" the producer asked after he put his hand in the camera's face, as noted by Reality TV World. But, with emotions running high, Royal responded by pushing his sister Winter Everett out of the way to confront the producer. The aggressive behavior was new coming from Royal, but nothing The Family Chantel fans haven't seen before.