Chantel Everett Says This Is Who To Blame For Her Family's Drama

90 Day Fiancé is packed with the usual reality television series fun, plus more. Yes, you might have the Kardashians boasting their relationship drama and scandals, or Black Ink Crew garnering attention with lawsuits and other altercations, but 90 Day Fiancé clashes cultures, strains relationships, contrasts personalities, and sometimes even leads to years in prison. Every couple on the series has so much luggage to unpack (literally and metaphorically) that sometimes, they land their own television series.

Take Chantel Everett, for example, who is the star of The Family Chantel, a spin-off of 90 Day Fiancé currently in its second season. Chantel and her husband Pedro Jimeno not only navigate an intercultural relationship between themselves, but also work through immediate family problems as their two different worlds collide. The real drama began before The Family Chantel, dating back to when Chantel first introduced (or didn't, for that matter) Pedro to her family under a false pretense of him coming on a student visa. The lie got Pedro off to a rocky start with Chantel's side of the family, who was skeptical of his intentions from the very beginning.

But now, Chantel has broken silence on who she thinks is the actual mastermind behind all the drama — and the answer may surprise you.

Who is to blame for all of Chantel's family drama?

According to Chantel Everett, the amount of "crazy drama" broadcasted on the show is normal for any family. "I feel like it's normal to have so much crazy drama in one's life," Chantel told the Associated Press in October 2020, adding, "if you follow around anybody you're going to see their ups and downs and you're going to see some things that they wouldn't want you to see." But while Pedro Jimeno agrees "every family has little problems," he thinks the "craziness level" is at a "high level" for Chantel's family. 

While Chantel can't help but agree, she attributes the fights escalating to Pedro, saying "90% of Chantel's family going to other levels is Pedro." Indeed, we saw how bad it could get when Pedro got into an altercation with Chantel's brother. But Chantel has also had her hand in a fair share of fights, even perhaps igniting the fight between River and Pedro by divulging the couple's dirty laundry to the family. Reddit fans seem to think as much.

"She is an instigator," one fan wrote on the social media site. "She runs her mouth to her family...gets them riled up about minor fights/petty remarks, and then lets them invite her husband and his sister over KNOWING the family is ready to square up." Another fan thinks Chantel "set up that relationship on a bad start" by lying to her family about Pedro's visa. Others think, considering all this, Pedro may not stick around for much longer.