What You Don't Know About Alaskan Bush People's Palmer Mountain

The Discovery Channel's Alaskan Bush People stars have had a remarkable journey since they first joined the ranks of reality TV. The show chronicles the journey of the Brown family — led by Billy and Ami, along with their seven children — who set up a life in Alaska relatively off the grid (if you don't count a camera crew!).

The Brown family has faced their share of tragedy and many details have since come out about the famous family, with some less flattering than others. And often, more questions arise about the Brown clan. How do they make their money? Is the show fake? Also, what were they like before the fame?

Don't worry. We have answers to all of these and more, especially for one of the biggest questions that comes up: Where is the show really filmed? According to In Touch Weekly, the Brown family did live in the Alaskan wilderness, but they've since moved to a more central location in Washington state. In fact, the Brown family lives near Palmer Mountain, a site that got badly hit by fire. Here's the story.

A horrible fire broke out near the Brown family home

The Brown family took up residence in Washington state from Alaska when the matriarch, Ami Brown, was diagnosed with lung cancer, according to The Sun. She had checkups every three months in Los Angeles and the family felt it would be closer for her. Just because they're out of Alaska doesn't mean that the Browns are suddenly urban dwellers. Their situation is still remote and centered on the wilderness, thanks to their proximity to Palmer Mountain.

On Aug. 18, 2020, a fire broke out on Palmer Mountain and the Brown family, among other residents in the area, were forced to evacuate, according to The Blast. Shortly after the fire, Bear Brown, one of Billy and Ami Brown's seven children, shared an update on Instagram. "My family and I have lost a lot, but we are not the only ones!" Bear said. He urged people to help and added, "My family doesn't need any help, but a lot of other families effected [sic] by the fire do!"

What a horrible ordeal! It's good, too, that the Brown family encouraged people to help others in the area.