MAFS: Why Amelia Fatsi And Bennett Kirschner Aren't Living Together

Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner amused viewers on Married At First Sight Season 11 with their eccentric approach to the televised marriage experiment. They were matched together after experts deemed "The Driven Dreamer" a good match for Bennett, "The Romantic Thespian." There were slight doubts about if the couple would make it to Decision Day after their very different reasons for being on the show were revealed. 

Cameras captured the couple's final night together before making their decisions. It was then when Amelia let Bennett know the real reason she agreed to marry someone on the first day of meeting. "I really didn't think that I was ready to be married," she admitted to Bennett. "I mostly just thought it would be fun to be on a reality show." A visibly taken aback Bennett questioned his wife's intentions. While speaking with producers, he shared doubts about his wife after learning how different their reasons were for getting married.

However, during the finale, Bennett lowered his pants to show his Amelia-inspired thigh tattoo, as noted by Soap Dirt. They were one of three couples who decided to stay together. Fans have wondered what they've been up to since filming wrapped. 

Bennett Kirschner is loving his 'beautiful new wife'

In November 2020, Bennett Kirschner took to social media to show off his newly renovated tiny house. During his time on Married At First Sight, Bennett proudly boasted about building the house himself. His wife Amelia Fatsi wasn't the biggest tiny-living fan, but it wasn't enough to stop her from deciding to stay married to her husband. The photo shows Bennett smiling from ear-to-ear while standing in front of his freshly painted blue home with peach exterior accents. "New haircut! And new trim color," he wrote in the caption.

However, while he was working on the home, his wife was not there to join him. Amelia was busy fulfilling the duties of her medical residency in Virginia, Soap Dirt reported. For any fans skeptical about the couple standing the test of time, Bennett shared a humorous face-swap photo with Amelia a few weeks after showing off his tiny house. "Me and my beautiful new wife," he captioned the photo of the couple donning each other's quirky smiles. "You two bring so much sunshine to the world! I wish there were more people like y'all," one fan wrote in the comments. It's safe to say the Kirschners plan to keep going strong.