The Bachelorette: Why Tayshia's First Date With Zac Is Raising Eyebrows

It seemed like there was some chemistry between Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark as soon as she walked into the La Quinta resort to take over as the Bachelorette after Clare Crawley left the season. However, they only had group dates up until this point. When they finally had their first solo date, the premise was a bit odd. They took wedding photos.... on their very first date. She wore several bridal gowns and he wore some suits, which sounds like an awful lot to handle in the Palm Springs heat, let alone on a first date.

Talk about going from zero to one hundred real quick! Adding to the strangeness of a wedding photo shoot is the fact that both Zac and Tayshia have been married before. Of course, the silly photo shoot brought a lot of emotions to the surface along with some personal revelations during the dinner portion of their date. But just imagine having a first date in real life that turns out to be a wedding photo shoot... Most people would end up running for the hills and Bachelor Nation had a lot to say about this one, as expected.

Tayshia and Zac's wedding shoot was a bit much for fans

Sure, The Bachelorette is all about moving through a relationship at warp speed, but Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark posing for wedding pictures right away was a bit much for some viewers. One person tweeted, "Is anyone else finding a 'let's take wedding photos on our first date' super weird even for this show??" Yes, a bunch of people felt that way, actually. Another fan really put things into perspective, tweeting, "Imagine if people went on Bachelorette date's outside of reality tv. What are you doing for your date? A wedding photo shoot." Yes, that would be a lot.

One fan posted that Tayshia said, "I've been married before and i really need to know i found the one before i put on another wedding dress" and that this is what prompted the producers to have her put on another gown," which seems logical, unfortunately. As awkward as the premise was, Zac and Tayshia made the best of the strange situation, had fun, and ended up getting much closer to each other by the end of the date.