The Untold Truth Of Ross Lynch

Born in Littleton, Colorado, Ross Lynch was raised by his parents along with three brothers and a sister, according to Pop Buzz. The family made their move to Los Angeles to support several of the siblings' entertainment dreams when Lynch, the second youngest sibling, was 11 years old. He got his break when he landed a starring role in Disney's Austin & Ally, playing a cool and confident musician who befriends a much shier, but equally talented musician played by Laura Marano.

Since the hit Disney Channel show wrapped in 2016, Lynch has strayed away from the stereotypical Disney mold and solidified himself as a multi-faceted actor and musician. He's secured diverse roles playing the teenage version of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in My Friend Dahmer and the charming love interest Harvey Kinkle in Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Plus, his band R5 took off and toured around the world. 

When he's not acting, Lynch is into dancing, surfing, snowboarding (per The New York Post), flying planes (per W magazine), and working on his skills as a tattoo artist (per Cosmopolitan). Despite his more than decade-long and successful career, there is so much more for people to learn about the actor/musician. Here is the untold truth of Ross Lynch.

Ross Lynch is still adjusting to fame

While he is undeniably a big star, Ross Lynch is still coming to terms with how far his fame reaches. He told NME in a May 2020 interview that despite his growing career, which has spanned more than half of his life, he still "hasn't fully processed" the fact that he had 8.4 million Instagram followers at the time of the interview. At the time of this writing, he has since gained 400,000 new fans.

However, he is well aware of the army of teenage fangs that formed while he was a teenager himself. "As time goes on you just learn to accept it, and you just kind of learn to appreciate the fans. You just try to make the best of all the situations you're put into and all the opportunities that come from that," Lynch told CBS. He also recalled one of those "situations," during which the father of a fan got aggressive with him and his brother for not having time to pose for a selfie. Lynch said he's not in it for the fame, anyway. "For me personally it's more about the art, because that's the real reason I'm doing all of this."

His acting skills helped land Lynch his breakout role on the Disney Channel, but he does not let that overshadow the fact that he is also a talented musician.

Ross Lynch is in two bands

Ross Lynch isn't the only talented artist in his family. In 2009, he and two of his brothers, Rocky, Riker, and sister Rydel, plus their friend Ellington Ratliff, formed the pop-rock band R5. Their debut album, Louder, peaked at No. 24 on Billboard's Hot 200 chart, and their sophomore album, Sometime Last Night reached the No. 6 spot in 2015. R5's most recent project is 2017's EP, New Addictions, for which they embarked on a world tour (via Just Jared).

Following its success, R5 seemingly disbanded out of nowhere. On March 1, 2018, R5's social handles changed to @thedriverera, which is a duo consisting of just Ross and Rocky. The brothers had American and European tour plans following their 2019 debut album X, but the coronavirus pandemic had different plans for the band, and their tour dates have been pushed to 2021.

Fans were understandably concerned about the future of R5, but Ross promised that the group won't be gone forever. "First off, I would like to ease your mind by saying this is not the end," Ross reassured R5 fans in 2018, per screenshots provided by Shine On Media. "After all, we are family and there really is no escaping each other."

Lynch has placed an extra push on his music career following his Austin & Ally days. Considering he picked up his role in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina after telling his agents he wanted to focus on music, he seems to be juggling both just fine.

Ross Lynch is influenced by many

When it comes to inspiration, Ross Lynch has a few people he idolizes. The "All Night" singer told NME that he would love to work with Donald Glover, a star who has made pivoting between singing and acting seem easy. "I'm really inspired by people like Donald Glover who are such multi-faceted artists," he said. "I'd love to work with someone like that just to see how they manage their time effectively, because there are so many things that I wanna do." Lynch also loves the work of Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, Mads Mikkelsen, Jamie Foxx, and basically the entire cast of Game of Thrones. "They're all unbelievable," he told Issue magazine

Lynch also leans on his family for support and guidance. It was originally his older brother's idea to move to Los Angeles, and when he started booking roles from Colorado himself, the whole Lynch family decided to move to the West Coast. "I have a great family. They've been with me from day one until now, and that's a massive advantage," he said.

The world is Ross Lynch's classroom

Considering he started booking jobs at the age of nine, Ross Lynch never had a normal upbringing, nor a normal high school experience. "Sometimes I'll fantasize about what high school might have been like — I mean, not really, but I flirt with the idea," the singer/actor told NME. "But mostly, I'm really grateful to be able to travel the world with my family. I think that's one of the coolest accomplishments that anyone could ask for."

Lynch loves traveling and is excited about the experiences he has gained and lessons he has learned through his world escapades. He even told Issue magazine that the world is his classroom. "I traveled the world when I was 16 in a band on tour. That's a scenario that not a lot of people get to experience. Because of that and because of all the different cultures I've seen, I think about a lot of things differently. I never went through high school, so my outlook and perspective on things is a little bit different than your average person," he explained "Not in a better way, by any means. Just different."

Lynch definitely leads the rockstar life, and he seems to really appreciate the journey.