Why You Probably Won't See Brittany Banks On 90 Day Fiance Again

The course of true love never did run smooth, as Shakespeare said back in the 1600s. He would probably say the same thing today if he watched 90 Day Fiancé — a show about couples from very different backgrounds and cultures who try to secure visas for each other in their respective countries.

The path to romance was particularly messy for Brittany Banks and her fiance, Yazan Abu Hurira. Brittany was living in Palm Beach, Fla. when her neighbor introduced Brittany to her brother, Yazan, who just so happened to live in Jordan. For many couples, that kind of continental divide might be the biggest issue in their relationship, which wasn't the case for Yazan and Brittany. Brittany and Yazan got engaged, and Brittany moved to Jordan, a process documented on Season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Fans of the show were shocked to learn that Brittany had been keeping a secret all along: She was already married! Needless to say, Brittany wasn't exactly a fan favorite (Yazan's family weren't too pleased either), per In Touch Weekly.

All that bad press seemingly went to Brittany's head, and as soon as the season wrapped on Nov. 29, 2020, she made her feelings about the whole process known. Read on to find out why Brittany probably won't be returning to TLC anytime soon.

Brittany Banks feels wronged by 90 Day Fiance

After receiving an arguably unfavorable edit on Season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Brittany Banks has some strong feelings about the show. Lying about being married and refusing to comply with her fiance's cultural standards (even though she lived there) were great fodder for criticism. It also didn't help that at the end of Season 2, Brittany decided she couldn't live in Jordan anymore and returned home to Florida, sans Yazan. At the time of this writing, it's unclear whether Brittany and Yazan are still together, per In Touch Weekly.

Basically, it's all of the ingredients for one divisive reality TV star. According to Brittany, though, that was never her intent. The reality star/rapper took to social media in November 2020 to shed some light on what allegedly goes on behind the scenes at TLC. In a series of sense deleted Instagram stories, Brittany more or less ensured she wouldn't be invited back for Season 3. "Now that the season is over, I would like to say every person on The Other Way production and editing team you're all garbage ass humans. Enjoy," she said, per CinemaBlend.

"All in all, I am glad it's over. Enjoy the tell-all. Hopefully, they don't chop it up and let y'all get the truth," she added. "Trust issues on level 1,000,000." It seems like "trust issues" are probably something Yazan and Brittany have in common, no?