Southern Charm: Leva Bonaparte Gave Her Son This Adorable Nickname

Southern Charm's newbie, Leva Bonaparte, has been a welcome breath of fresh air on the hit reality show. And it's also been fun getting to know her family, including her husband, Lamar, and her sweet son, Lamar Jr. But as one can imagine, having two people in the same household answering to the same name can be a tad bit confusing. So Leva got creative when it comes to differentiating the two men in her life. Lamar Jr. goes by "Little." Aww!

As Leva explained during a November 2020 episode of The Daily Dish podcast, the clever nickname she chose for her adorable little tot (See what we did there?) was out of convenience. "He's named after his father, and his father is named after his father, and so it's very Southern. His nickname is Little," she said. "We came home from the hospital, and his dad was like, 'OK, so, I'm Lamar and you're Lamar. But I'm big, and you're little.'" The star continued, And he just kept saying that. He was like, 'I'm Big Lamar and you're Little Lamar.'" How sweet!

But wait, that's not all — Leva also explained why the moniker doesn't necessarily fit her tyke. 

Leva Bonaparte's son isn't so 'Little' after all

What's funny about the moniker "Little" is that the namesake is not so little. "It was funny, because he's never been a little baby. He was off the charts. He's always been like, way bigger than the norm," Leva Bonaparte explained to The Daily Dish podcast. "He's actually quite big. He looks like a 4-and-a-half year-old, and he's only 2 and a half. I think he's literally gonna be like a grown huge man, bigger than me, and I'm gonna be like, come here, Little."

And just like many mamas out there, Leva is lamenting how quickly "Little" is growing. The reality star took to Instagram to air out her grievances. "My phone just sent me this (new iOS update?) now I'm a hot mess," captioned included a photo of the little guy. (Sorry, we just can't help ourselves for being so punny.) She also included the bittersweet hashtag "babies don't keep," for good measure. (Sorry, last one. We promise.)

But, hey, maybe growing up isn't such a bad thing after all. With a cast full of self-proclaimed "Peter Pans" on her hands when filming the reality show Southern Charm, we're sure she is proud to watch her precious son grow up to be a mature, responsible young man!