The Truth About Chantel Everett's Relationship With Her Brother

The flaws in Chantel Everett's relationship with her older brother Royal Everett became more evident in Season 2 of The Family Chantel. Fans watched as Chantel seemingly inserted herself into the issues Royal had with his new wife Angenette Everett. After a girls' night out in an attempt for Chantel to get to know her new sister-in-law, Royal crashed the party to take Angenette home "in case something bad happened." Once they were away from each other, the siblings shared their real thoughts about each other. 

"It seems like Royal feels he needs to keep a close watch on Angenette," Chantel told producers. "There's something Royal told me when they first started dating that I'm only starting to realize is a big deal." She went on to reveal an earlier conversation she had with her brother where he confided in her that he caught his wife "romantically messaging other guys that were also in America."

However, while he was driving home, he warned Angenette about hanging out with his sister because "it's very important that you conduct yourself as a classy woman." Something he feels Chantel lacks. "No, I definitely don't find Chantel classy at all," he said. Meanwhile, Chantel was still under the impression that she and Royal had a much stronger sibling relationship. 

Royal Everett would rather plead the fifth

Despite the deep trust issues present in their relationship, Royal and Angenette Everett went to the Philippines for their second wedding. While there, Chantel Everett found it necessary to confront Angenette about the allegations Royal made against her. During a night out with Angenette's friends and Royal's family, Angenette is blindsided when Chantel reveals all the things her brother has said about his wife behind her back.

Once Royal arrived and was confronted by his wife, however, he decided to plead the fifth and make his sister out to be a liar. "I don't remember saying anything like that," he told his wife after she demanded answers. While speaking with producers, Chantel claimed she knew "all the ins and outs" of Royal's feelings about his wife.

But, the revelations against him had only just started. In another scene from the family's trip to Manila, Angenette revealed all the bad things Royal said about his family behind their back. "It is like you don't trust them. Because something you told me that," she told Royal in front of his family. "You told me that your family is crazy. That your family is bad," she added. The biggest shocker was when she revealed that Royal called Chantel "stupid." A reference his sister might've been surprised to hear, considering how close she thought they were. Leave it up to The Family Chantel to bring the drama.